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Paris Metro Ticket t in Detail

By | January 21, 2014 | in Metro Passes Tickets

paris metro ticket tThe ticket t (mauve color) or ticket t+ (white color) is the current single ticket for use on Paris regional transport methods including:

  • Metro
  • RER (within Zone 1)
  • Tramways,
  • RATP buses
  • Noctilien buses (night bus)
  • Optile buses (Paris suburbs)
  • Cable car of Montmarte (Funiculaire de Montmarte)

Ticket t+ is currently priced at 1,70€ for a single ticket (as of January 2014). A package of 10 tickets, a carnet ["car-nay"] costs 13,70€.

The ticket t+ can be used for transfers, made within 1 hour 30 minutes of first use, only between certain methods of transport and depending on the type of transport used. You cannot mix and match the transfers listed below, each bullet point should be regarded as separate transfer type. For example, you cannot transfer from Metro to Bus. Ticket t transfers are allowed between:

  • Metro lines, without exiting the confines of a station, or
  • Metro and RER lines, or
  • 2 RATP Bus lines, or
  • 1 RATP Bus and 1 Optile bus, or
  • Tramway and any bus lines that cross it, or
  • Noctilien buses (except on Noctilien buses requiring special fares)

Notice that there are no “and”s in the above list. That’s on purpose. You can’t mix any of the above transfer situations.

Special note: single tickets purchased on buses, directly from drivers are not valid for transfers and cost 2€.

With these tickets you will not be able to transfer to another bus nor tramway.

Other ticket types available:

  • RER Ticket (officially known as a Billet Origine-Destination or Billet Ile-de-France)
  • Ticket Mobilis – unlimited use day ticket/pass for zones selected (1-5)
  • Ticket Jeunes Weekend – unlimited use day ticket/pass for 26 years old & younger, usable only on Saturday or Sunday, for zones selected (1-5)
  • Paris Visite – unlimited, multi-day, variable-zone ticket/pass

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