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Here are the rules on bringing bikes/bicycles onto the Paris Metro, RER, trams, buses and trains:

Bikes Allowed on Paris Metro?

  • Bikes are not allowed on Paris Metro trains except Metro line 1 but only on certain days
  • Bikes are allowed on Metro line 1 only on Sundays and holidays, up until 4:30pm, but not after 16:30
  • To pass through Metro turnstiles or gates with your bike you have to first find the Metro/RER station entrance which has a manned ticket booth with agents who will open a manually operated fence barrier for you to pass through with a bicycle.  There are multiple entrances/exits to every Paris Metro/RER train station and most will not have human staff, only automated ticket gates. Station entrances will usually have signage noting if entry into station is by pass or ticket only.  If you see these signs, find another (larger) entrance.  These automated entryways are usually quite small and tight, whereas the manned entrances are quite wide and large.  After finding the personnel staff entrance visit the ticket office and show your bike (should be enough for them to get the idea) to request the agent to open the manual operation gate.  Be sure to validate your ticket or pass in a turnstile/gate before going through the manually operated gate so that you have a valid fare for travel
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Bike on Paris Trains

Bikes Allowed on Paris RER Trains?

  • Bikes are allowed on Paris RER trains Monday – Friday, except during rush hours
  • Morning rush hour is 6:30am to 9am
  • Evening rush hour is 4:30pm to 7pm
  • Bikes are allowed on Paris RER all hours on Saturday, Sunday and holidays
  • Bring bikes on RER train cars which have designated spaces for you to hold your bike while in the RER train car.  To help find these bike dedicated train cars, the RER platform and/or train car may be marked overhead by one of the following bicycle signs near either end of the platform and on the train car itself.
  • RER bike train car sign RER bike train car sign
  • Not all RER trains have these designated bicycle train cars, but those that do have them as the 2nd car from the front, at the forward most door. Newer RER trains (MI09 class trains, usually with green color accents as opposed to red/blue) will also have a 2nd bike dedicated train car 2nd from the last car, at the furthest back door.
  • Bike RER train cars
  • Older RER trains (MI2N class) trains usually only have one bike designated train car, 2nd from the lead car, at the rearmost door of the train car
  • Note that it is possible for older and newer RER train cars to be mixed together in the same train so the locations of the bicycle designated cars may vary
  • For RER trains without designated bicycle train cars, the first and last train cars will have a space without seats near the bulkhead where you can simply hold your bike keeping it out of the way of passengers boarding and alighting the RER train

Bicycles on Paris Buses?

  • Bikes are not allowed on Paris Buses

Bicycles on Paris Trams>

  • Bikes are not allowed on Paris trams

Bikes on Paris Trains? (Versailles, Fontainebleau, etc. Transilien suburban trains)

  • Bikes are allowed on Paris suburban trains (Transilien) Monday-Friday except during rush hours of 06:30 – 09:00 and 16:30 – 19:30
  • Bikes are allowed on Paris trains (Transilien) all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays
  • There are no dedicated train cars for bicycles on Transilien brand suburban Paris trains so board train cars at either end of the train car, near bulkheads and stand & hold the bike in hand while traveling.  Do not park your bike with a kickstand and leave it unattended, which may be subject to tipping over during travel.

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