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How to buy and use Carte Orange, Paris Visite, Pass Navigo and other public transportation passes on the Paris Metro, RER, buses and trains.

Paris 2024 Olympics Travel Pass

By | April 6, 2024 | in Passes

The Paris 2024 pass is a new Paris public transport travel pass for the Paris Summer Olympics from July 20 – Sept 8 2024. Prices Coverage Buy Online Buy In-Person The Paris 2024 pass will replace the Navigo Week Pass and Navigo Day Pass during the Paris Olympics. To repeat… The Navigo Week Pass will … Read more

Navigo Easy

By | April 3, 2024 | in Passes Tickets

Navigo Easy (price ) is a prepaid Paris travel card that can hold up to thirty Paris Metro tickets, the Paris 2024 pass (for the Paris Olympics), up to two Navigo Day Passes, Roissybus (CDG Airport Bus) and Orlybus (Orly Airport bus) tickets (plus a few other less common tickets). Navigo Easy is not sold … Read more

Why Navigo Is Not Sold During Paris Olympics?

By | February 27, 2024 | in Passes

This article will try to explain why the Navigo Pass will not be sold during the Paris 2024 Olympics. The short answer is: Paris wants Olympic visitors, not residents, to pay for the increased transit services during the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, July 20 – Sept 8, 2024. (See link to original French article at … Read more

Paris Navigo Decouverte Pass – What You Need to Know

By | February 16, 2024 | in Passes

Paris Navigo Decouverte is a multi-use transit card covering all of the Metro Paris area, good for the Paris Metro (subway/underground), RER trains (including the CDG Airport train, Disneyland Paris, and Versailles), buses (including Orly airport buses), trams & surburban Transilien trains. Continue below for Navigo Paris prices, coverage, where, when and how to buy. … Read more

Navigo Pass (Android) Phone App

By | February 16, 2024 | in Passes

Is there a Navigo Pass Phone App? Yes. But… As of February 2024, only Android phones can buy & use the (mobile) cell phone Navigo pass. Overview You can buy a Navigo Pass on your mobile phone as of 2023 This Navigo Pass is stored on your phone, not as a physical card Virtual/digital Navigo … Read more

Navigo Day Pass – Navigo Jour

By | February 16, 2024 | in Passes Tickets

An unlimited use Paris transit Day Pass (Navigo Jour or “Navigo Day” in French) covers Paris CDG/ORY airports, central Paris, greater Paris area (Versailles, Disneyland, etc.), valid until midnight on the day of use. Where to Buy Navigo Day Pass You can buy “Navigo Jour” Day Pass at any Paris Metro, RER or Transilien ticket … Read more

Paris Metro Tickets

By | February 6, 2024 | in Metro Passes Tickets

Paris Metro Tickets (known locally as Ticket t+) are currently priced at for a single ticket (). A package of 10 tickets, a carnet [“car-nay”] costs . Paris Metro tickets are white color paper tickets, currently the single-use/ride Paris Metro tickets, known officially as Ticket t+. Update: These paper coupon-style tickets are gradually being phased … Read more

Paris Antipollution ticket pass

By | February 6, 2024 | in Passes Tickets

The Paris antipollution ticket is a full day multi-use travel pass good for all Paris fare zones and all Paris Metro, RER, bus and tram lines for (except Orlyval). The Paris antipollution pass includes CDG Airport using RER B or Roissybus, Orly Airport using Orlybus, Tram 7 or GO shuttle, Disneyland Paris, Fontainebleau and Versailles. … Read more

Navigo Pass Prices

By | October 23, 2023 | in Passes

Navigo Pass prices include unlimited travel to Orly and CDG airports, Chateau de Versailles as well as Paris Disneyland. Navigo Pass for tourists / visitors (known officially as Navigo Découverte) is available at daily, weekly and monthly prices, is open to purchase by everyone (visitors and residents). Currently all zones (zones 1 – 5) are … Read more