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Paris RER B Schedule Stations Interchanges

By | June 24, 2019 | in Maps RER RER B Schedules

Paris RER B Trains travel from CDG Airport to central Paris. Below are downloadable / printable schedules for RER B trains from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris and from Paris to Orly Airport (ORY) which requires a connection from RER B’s Antony station to the Orlyval train servicing Orly Airport terminals West & South. (Schedules current as of March 2019.)  RER B train Facts & Figures (video).

RER B Schedule / Timetable

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport to Paris

From Paris Gare du Nord station to CDG Airport

Popular Destinations along RER B Train line

Popular destinations found along RER B train line from Aéroport Charles de Gaulle towards Paris:

RER B Schedule to Paris from CDG Airport

RER B Train Schedule CDG to Paris to Orly (Direction Robinson, Antony, St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse) (PDF updated March 16, 2019)

If you’re arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport and wish to travel to central Paris by train, this is your schedule.  See also the instructions on traveling from CDG Terminal 2 to Paris by train and CDG Terminal 1 to Paris.

If you’re traveling from Paris to Orly Airport by RER B train, this is also your schedule.  Your stop will be Antony station, where you must transfer to Orlyval (dedicated) train towards Orly Airport terminals.  There’s an additional fee for the Orlyval train.  See Paris to Orly by train for additional information.

If you’re traveling on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or a holiday, please see the weekend hours at the end of the RER B Train Schedule 2019.

RER B Express Trains

Note that there are “express” RER B trains departing CDG Airport towards Paris that will not make any stops between CDG and Paris Gare du Nord train station. These trains are designated as such through their four letter “mission” code that’s visible on the front of the trains and on the overhead screens on train platforms which show stations served. CDG express trains to Paris often start with the mission code letter “K” or “J” (although other codes exist). In the example shown below, KARI mission code trains are express trains to Paris from CDG airport.

RER B Express train trains from CDG to Paris

These “express” RER B trains aren’t always available (they usually only run during peak hours) and express trains aren’t necessarily much faster than other RER B trains. i.e. You won’t get into Paris sooner by skipping a departing regular service RER B and waiting for the next “express” RER B, but there will be no stops in between. With no stops in between CDG and Paris, express RER B trains have some noticeable benefits:

  1. less passengers, since there are no passengers boarding between CDG and Paris Gare du Nord, meaning more space for luggage and seating
  2. more safety, as thieves cannot strike while you’re stopping at one of the in-between stations, getting on, grabbing a bag, and quickly departing while the train departs the station
  3. easier to exit the train when arriving at Gare du Nord, since most passengers on express RER B trains just arrived into France and will depart at either Gare du Nord or Chatelet Les Halles and transfer elsewhere. Local passenger traffic tends to flow in & out of trains more randomly at in between stations

RER B Schedule to CDG Airport from Paris

RER B Train Schedule Paris to CDG (Direction Mitry-Claye, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle) (PDF Updated January 7, 2019) – Schedule for trains leaving central Paris going towards Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminals 1 & 3 (stop: Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1) and Terminal 2 (stop: Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 – TGV).  See also the instructions on traveling from central Paris to CDG Airport by train.

If you’re traveling on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or a holiday, please scroll down the PDF and see the Friday and weekend hours at the end of the RER B Train Schedule 2019.

RER B (Airport) Line Map with Stations, Zones, Interchanges to other RER and Metro Lines (PDF)

How to Read an RER Train Schedule / Timetable

By | July 18, 2015 | in RER Schedules

This is a guide on how to read Paris RER train schedules, which can appear complex at first glance.

We’ll learn how to read an RER timetable through an example trip: Paris-Gare de Lyon to Disneyland Paris by RER A Train.

Things you’ll need to know before you start:

  1. Your Destination RER train station (Marne La Vallée-Chessy)
  2. Your Departure RER train station (example: Gare de Lyon)
  3. The terminus (last) station along the RER train line, in the direction you’re traveling.

To see all RER train lines use a RER train map. To get detailed information on a single RER line, view its corresponding RER line map, which can help you find a departure station in Paris (Zone 1), the destination station, and the line branch/direction you need.  RER Schedules can be found on the RER Schedules category page.

Step 1 – Find Destination Station: On the left hand side of schedule / timetable will be stations along the RER train line. Start by finding the station that you wish to arrive at, your destination station. In this example, we want to go to Marne la Vallee, the station for Disneyland Paris along the RER A train line.

Step 2 – Find Desired Time of Arrival: On the row for your destination station, trace your finger along the row until you find the time you want to arrive at. Subsequent pages will have later times, so flip through the schedule book to find later arrival times.  If the time you’re looking for isn’t shown on the current page, view subsequent pages, keeping your focus on the row of your destination station, in this example, it’s Marne la Vallee, which is easy since it’s the last row/station along the RER A line.  Once you’ve found the time you wish to arrive at we can now find when the train leaves and from which stations.  Note that all times are listed in 24 hour clock. Thus 1731 would be 5:31pm in the afternoon.  Morning times are shown without a leading zero, so 6:55am would be shown as 655.

Step 3 – Find Departure Station & Time: Having found your desired arrival time, we can now check when the train departs and from which Paris stations.  Each column on a RER timetable represents a train running along the line, albeit at different times.  Moving to the right across columns shows trains that depart later in the day.  Not all trains stop at all stations along the line, thus you’ll see large gaps in the schedule, which indicates a branch or stations of the RER line that is skipped by the train.

From your chosen arrival time, trace your finger up the column till it crosses the station row that you want to depart from.  Paris stations are near the middle of the sheet. The major RER A stations in central Paris are: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, Auber, Chatelet Les Halles, Gare de Lyon, and Nation. Here we move up the column till we reach a 6:54am departure which coincides with station Gare de Lyon.  Thus we can take an RER A train, in direction Marne La Vallée, leaving from Gare de Lyon at 6:54am, arriving at 7:30am at station Marne La Vallée-Chessy, the closest station to Disneyland Paris.

The following PDF file, How to Read Paris RER Train Schedules, is the same guide on how to read RER train schedules, with Paris to Disneyland Paris as the example trip along the RER A line.