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Paris Metro Tickets (known locally as Ticket t+) are currently priced at 2.15€ for a single ticket ( as of Jan. 4, 2024). A package of 10 tickets, a carnet [“car-nay”] costs 17.35€ when put on Navigo Easy or Paris transport mobile phone app.

Paris Metro tickets are white color paper tickets, currently the single-use/ride Paris Metro tickets, known officially as Ticket t+.

Update: These paper coupon-style tickets are gradually being phased out with the introduction of Navigo Easy, a preloaded Paris travel card for visitors and official Paris transport mobile phone apps like IdF Mobilités. Sale of single paper Paris Metro tickets like the one pictured below will continue until the end of 2025 when sales are scheduled to stop. Discounted packs of 10 Paris Metro tickets are no longer sold in paper form as of 2023. These 10-pack Paris Metro tickets are now only sold on Navigo Easy cards or Paris transit apps.)

Paris Metro Tickets Over Time

Paris Metro Tickets Valid For…

Paris Metro tickets are valid for travel on Paris transport/transit including:

  • Paris Metro (subway)
  • Paris RER Train (within Zone 1)
  • Tramways
  • RATP Paris city bus
  • Noctilien buses (night bus)
  • Optile buses (Paris suburban bus)
  • Montmartre Cable car (Funiculaire de Montmartre)

Paris Metro Ticket 2019

Transfers Allowed

Paris Metro tickets are valid for transfers between Metro lines for 90 minutes after first validation. For Metro tickets used on a tram or bus, transfers between bus & tram are also allowed for 90 minutes after first validation. You cannot mix and match the transfers listed below, each bullet point should be regarded as separate transfer type. For example, you cannot transfer from Paris Metro to Bus!

Paris Metro Ticket transfers are allowed between:

  • One Metro line to another, without exiting the confines of a station, or
  • Metro to RER trains (inside Paris zone 1), or
  • 2 RATP (city) Bus lines, or
  • 1 RATP Bus and 1 Optile (suburban) bus, or
  • Tramway and any bus lines that cross it, or
  • Noctilien (night) buses (except on Noctilien buses requiring special fares)

Notice that there are no “and“s in the above list. That’s on purpose. You can’t mix any of the above transfer situations.

Special note: single transit tickets purchased on buses, directly from drivers are not valid for any transfers at all and cost 2.50€. With these tickets you will not be able to transfer to another bus nor tramway.

Paris Metro Passes

For Paris Metro Passes read about Navigo Decouverte unlimited use weekly travel card, Navigo Jour unlimited ride day pass and the new Navigo Easy preloaded Paris transit ticket card introduced on June 12, 2019 and Navigo passes on mobile phone apps.

Other Paris Metro Tickets

  • Paris RER Ticket (officially known as a Billet Origine-Destination or Billet Ile-de-France)
  • Paris Ticket Mobilis – discontinued Jan. 4, 2024 – unlimited use day ticket/pass for zones selected (1-3 or 1-5)
  • Ticket Jeunes Weekend – unlimited use Paris day ticket/pass for under 26 years old (25 or younger), usable only on Saturday or Sunday, for zones selected (1-5)
  • Paris Visite – unlimited, multi-day, variable-zone ticket/pass

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