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What is a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass / Navigo Jeunes Week-end?

For tourists/visitors & residents 25 years old or younger a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass / Navigo Jeunes Week-end is an unlimited-ride, ONE-DAY pass usable ONLY on a Saturday, a Sunday or a French national holiday, costing 4.70€ for 1-3 zones or 10.35€ for 1-5 zones PER DAY, put onto a Navigo Easy card (2€) or Navigo Découverte card (5€) or Paris Transport mobile phone app (free).  There is no paper ticket version of Jeunes Week-end pass any longer.

Let me emphasize that this is not a “full weekend pass” usable as a single fare for both weekend days of Saturday and Sunday: IT IS NOT.  This is a single-day pass for either a Saturday OR a Sunday (or a national holiday such as July 14).  You can buy &  load (up to) two (2) Navigo Jeunes Week-end passes onto a single Navigo card to cover both Saturday and Sunday though.

Where Can I buy a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass?

Any Paris Metro, RER, Transilien station ticket window can sell you a physical Navigo Easy card (or Navigo Découverte card) with up to two youth weekend passes loaded with your desired zone coverage.

Paris Metro RER Ticket Window

A Paris Metro RER Ticket Window at Marne la Vallée Disneyland train station

Some (few?) newer automated ticket machines can also sell physical Navigo Easy cards, pre-loaded with fares, possibly including a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass.  (See the Navigo Easy page for a photo of the new automated ticket machine dispensing physical Navigo Easy cards.)  I say “possibly” as there are anecdotes that some automated ticket machines that dispense Navigo Easy cards, sell the card preloaded with only three options: Ticket t+ full fare, Ticket t+ reduced fare, “regular” Navigo Day Passes; the Navigo Jeunes Week-end is apparently missing as an option to load on a newly dispensed Navigo Easy card. (Or perhaps this option isn’t shown in non-French languages of the ticket machine?  I’m not sure.)  I have not confirmed this myself.  Just beware that you may be forced to buy a new Navigo Easy card loaded with a single Ticket t+, then make a second transaction, loading your Navigo Easy with the Jeunes Week-end / Youth Weekend Day Pass.

Finally, you can buy/use your Navigo Weekend Day pass directly from your Android phone / Apple iPhone using either of the Paris Transport mobile phone apps.  This fare is not yet available in Google Wallet nor Apple Wallet as of July 2024.

How much does a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass Cost?

The Navigo Jeunes Week-end / Day Pass comes in 2* different zone coverages (see Paris transport zone map), each at a different price.

Navigo Jeunes Week-end Prices, per-day
Ages 4 – 25
Zones Coverage Price
1 – 3 Central Paris, La Défense, Stade de France, Roland Garros (see zones) 4.70€
1 – 5 Paris + Versailles + ORY + Disney + CDG 10.35€
*There is a 3rd zone of coverage between zones 3-5 that I’m ignoring as it is useless for 99.5% of visitors. It costs 6.05€ for this coverage which excludes central Paris.

When Can I Buy a Navigo Jeunes Week-end pass?

You can buy a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass/Jeunes Week-end up to 6 days in advance of its active day.  You must choose the day when the pass is active.  You can choose only a weekend day or a holiday. For example, to use a Navigo Weekend Day Pass on a Saturday, you can buy it as early as Monday but no earlier, and as late as 23:59 Saturday evening (and use it for a total of one minute on Metro, RER, Bus, Tram before it expires, although night buses are different, see below).  So you can buy a Youth Weekend Day pass on a Friday evening at 23:30 (11:30pm), select Saturday as its day of validity and begin using the pass in 30 minutes at midnight 00:00 / wee-hours of Saturday morning up until midnight, 24 hours later.

How Long is a Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass valid?

The Youth Weekend Day Pass is valid from 00:00:01 the day of its chosen validity, up to 23:59:59 (i.e. midnight) for Paris Metro, RER, Buses, Trams, Funiculaire de Montmartre.  For Paris Night buses, the youth weekend pass is valid until 05:59 the next morning.  So if your validity day is Saturday, you can ride night buses using the weekend day pass up until 6am Sunday morning.

Do I need photo ID to use Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass?

You need some form of identification to prove you are under 26 years of age in order to rightfully use a Navigo Weekend Day Pass if you are stopped by a controllor and asked to present ID.  Normally this would be a passport.


Can I put Ticket t+ / Paris Metro tickets onto Navigo Easy card with a Navigo Youth Weekend Pass?

Yes, you can load both regular Paris Metro tickets (Ticket t+) onto a Navigo Easy card while also having a Navigo Youth Weekend Pass / Jeunes Week-end loaded onto the Navigo card.  On the active day of the Navigo Jeunes Week-end on a Saturday / Sunday / holiday, the pass will be used first before individual Paris Metro / Ticket t+ tickets are used.  On other days, the single-use tickets will be used instead.

See the Navigo Easy page for more details on which fares (and which quantities) can be loaded onto a Navigo Easy card at the same time.

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