Paris Train Tickets & Passes on Apple Wallet

This is a list of currently available Paris train tickets and passes available on Apple Wallet on iPhone updated on July 14, 2024.  These Paris transport fares are usable directly from your iPhone and don’t need cellular nor data connection.  Apple Wallet transit tickets & fares can be used in Airplane Mode with WiFi turned off.  All fares below (except Navigo Day Pass) can be bought now and used later after landing in Paris.

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Below are Paris transit tickets & passes on Apple Wallet you can buy now at home from anywhere in the world at any time (before you arrive in Paris / France).  Keep in mind some passes like a Navigo Day Pass are only valid on day of purchase so don’t buy them before you arrive.  Others (most) fares begin their active validity period when first used such as Paris 2024 Pass or single-use tickets like CDG Airport Ticket, so you can safely buy these fares at home weeks or months before you depart and use the pass/ticket immediately upon landing in Paris.  These single-use tickets never expire, just like their paper ticket alternative.

Navigo Day Pass

Navigo Day Pass

Navigo Day Pass

The Paris Navigo Day Pass (single-day unlimited rides) is available directly on Apple Wallet, in both 1-5 zone (all zones, including CDG, ORY Airports, Disneyland Paris, Versailles), or 1-3 zones (Stade de France, La Défense, Rolland Garros, Chateau de Vincennes, etc.).  Note: this digital Navigo Day Pass on Apple Wallet is only valid on the day of purchase and stops working at midnight.  We cannot choose the day of validity in advance like the Navigo Découverte/Navigo Easy plastic smart card version of Navigo Day Pass.  Only buy the Apple Wallet digital day pass after you have arrived in Paris!

NOTE: Navigo Week Pass is not available in Apple Wallet.

The Navigo Week Pass requires the user’s full name and face photo be attached to the pass and this functionality is not available in Apple Wallet.  To buy/use a Navigo Week Pass from your phone, install the Ile-de-France Mobilités app on your iPhone.  Note: buying Navigo Week Pass in the IdF Mobilités app may fail at the payment stage until you are physically inside of France or Paris as some users have reported.  Fares bought from the Apple Wallet seem to complete fine anywhere in the world.

Paris 2024 Pass

The Paris 2024 Pass is a 1 to 7 day, unlimited ride pass only valid from July 20, 2024 to Sept 8, 2024 for the Paris 2024 Olympics.  It’s safe to buy the Apple Wallet Paris 2024 Pass ahead of time before arrive: its validity period (1 to 7 days) starts when first validated on a fare gate / turnstile / pass reader in the Paris area / Ile-de-France region.

Paris Metro Ticket (subway, bus, tram, RER zone 1)

In Apple Wallet Paris Metro tickets are listed as t+ Ticket.  “Ticket t+” is the official name for a single-use ticket for the Paris Metro.  These t+ ticket/Paris Metro tickets are good for Paris city buses, trams and RER trains in zone 1 (see Paris RER fare zone map).

Please note that as of July 2024, it may not be possible to buy/carry both Ticket t+ and Orly Airport Ticket / CDG Airport Ticket in the Apple Wallet at the same time.  This will hopefully be resolved in the near future / before the end of 2024.

Paris Metro ticket / t+ tickets are sold either as a single ticket or a “Carnet 10 t+ Tickets” which is a “booklet”/pack of 10 tickets discounted by 20%.  We can’t buy any amount of tickets in between 1 and 10 so buying say 5 tickets is impossible.

t+ ticket “Carnet” has a “Reduced Fare” version which is only for kids from ages 4 – 9.

Note: you cannot share a carnet/booklet of 10 tickets amongst several people.  Only one fare can be active at one time and a single Paris Metro ticket t+ is valid for 90 minutes after validation.  Only one of these ticket t+ can be active on your iPhone at one time, so only 1 traveler is covered.  There are no family tickets that covers an entire family.  Each passenger / rider must have their own ticket or fare, on either paper, smart card, app or Apple Wallet.

t+ tickets never expire.  It’s safe to buy t+ ticket / Paris Metro tickets on Apple Wallet at any time prior to travel/arrival in Paris/France.

Read more about Paris Metro tickets.

CDG Airport Ticket (RER B)

The CDG Airport train ticket is a single-use ticket available in Apple Wallet for the RER B train between CDG Airport and Paris (either direction).  This ticket is safe to buy before you arrive in France: it won’t activate until you scan your phone at a turnstile at CDG Airport train stations.

Please note that as of July 2024, it may not be possible to buy/carry both Ticket t+ and Orly Airport Ticket / CDG Airport Ticket in the Apple Wallet at the same time.  This will hopefully be resolved in the near future / before the end of 2024.

This Apple Wallet CDG Airport ticket includes / is good for transfers/connections for 2 hours onto other RER train lines in all 5 Paris fare zones and Paris Metro lines that are connected to the RER B train line (the stations generally have to be directly connected; you can’t exit a RER station, walk onto the street and enter another RER station and still use this ticket (there are some exceptions to this general rule)).  For example, when traveling from CDG to Paris with this CDG Airport ticket and your final destination is the Eiffel Tower, you can use this ticket to transfer from RER B line to RER C line inside Saint Michel Notre Dame station and take RER C to Champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel station; you won’t need another ticket for that transfer.  Same for RER B train to Paris Metro transfers: the CDG Airport ticket includes that as well.

Transfers from RER B to bus lines are not included.

Nor are transfers from RER B to tram lines T1 – T10: this is not included. But, Express Tram lines T11, T12, & T13 are included as valid transfers.

Transfers included on the CDG Airport ticket are only from RER B to other intersecting RER lines and Paris Metro lines.

This CDG Airport ticket is valid for transfers for 2 hours from first validation at a fare gate / turnstile.

See Paris CDG Airport Train Ticket article page for more information.

Roissybus Ticket (CDG Airport Bus)

Roissybus is the name of the CDG Airport bus going from CDG Airport (stops at Terminals 1/2/3) to Opéra bus stop in central Paris.  No transfers included.  Safe to buy this ticket at any time in advance.  Note: I believe you can’t have both a Roissybus ticket and a Navigo Day pass active on iPhone / Apple wallet at the same time due to overlapping coverage as the Navigo Day Pass includes Roissybus.  This is a restriction on physical Navigo Easy cards and I assume it’s the same on iPhone/Apple Wallet.

Orly Airport Ticket (Metro 14)

The Orly Airport Ticket is for Paris Metro line 14 connecting Orly Airport to central Paris. The new Metro 14 Orly-Paris fare is digital-only; there is no paper version of this ticket.  And with the few automated ticket vending machines at Orly Airport Metro 14 station, buying this ticket yourself using your iPhone/Apple Wallet is a much better/faster experience.  Again, safe to buy this ticket anytime.

Please note that as of July 2024, it may not be possible to buy/carry both Ticket t+ and Orly Airport Ticket / CDG Airport Ticket in the Apple Wallet at the same time.  This will hopefully be resolved in the near future / before the end of 2024.

Generally, it makes more sense to use Metro 14 rather than Orlybus to get from Orly Airport to Paris since this ticket includes transfers on Paris Metro and Paris RER/Transilien trains in all 1 – 5 Paris fare zones. The Orlybus airport bus doesn’t include any transfers and only stops at its terminus of Denfert Rochereau east of Montparnasse.

Orlybus Ticket (ORY Airport Bus)

Orlybus is the Orly Airport Bus running between Orly Terminal 1-2-3, Terminal 4, and Paris south-central at Denfert-Rochereau station, just east of Montparnasse.  Note: Orlybus and Navigo Day Pass likely cannot be both loaded into your Apple Wallet at the same time due to overlapping coverage (which also prevents these two fares from being loaded onto a Navigo Easy card simultaneously).  If you’re planning on doing lots of trips on your first day, a Navigo Day Pass perhaps makes more sense.  If you’re only going from Orly Airport to your hotel to sleep, a single-use fare like this Orlybus ticket or Orly Airport ticket (on Metro 14) make more sense.


That’s it for Paris transport tickets available on Apple Wallet as of July 14, 2024.  This list will be updated as fares change.

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