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Navigo Easy (price 2€) is a prepaid Paris public transport travel card that can hold up to thirty Paris Metro tickets, the Paris 2024 pass (for the Paris Olympics), an Orly Airport Ticket on Metro 14, up to two Navigo Day Passes, several Roissybus (CDG Airport Bus) and Orlybus (Orly Airport bus) tickets, plus a few other less common tickets (although not all at the same time).   See Fare restrictions further below.

Navigo Easy is not sold online (except in rare circumstances, see “Can I Buy Navigo Easy Online” below) and can only be purchased in-person in Paris at any Paris Metro/RER/Transilien ticket window or RATP partner (such as newspaper stands, tobacconists, corner stores) and since 2023 at a limited, but growing number of automated ticket vending machines at train & Metro stations around Paris.  Please see below re: ticket vending machine Navigo Easy.

The Navigo Easy ticket card will exist alongside weekly Navigo Decouverte.  Navigo Easy will not replace Navigo Découverte (the unlimited ride week pass). Continue below to learn more about this preloaded Paris Metro ticket card.

Navigo Easy

Who Can Buy Navigo Easy?

Anyone can buy the Navigo Easy card; Tourists and residents of Paris & Ile-de-France.

The Easy card doesn’t require a photo (unlike Navigo Decouverte) and is an anonymous card.

Each person must have their own Easy card when travelling together. We can’t share one Easy card among several people traveling at the same time.  i.e. pass-back of card or tapping repeatedly at the same turnstile/fare gate is not possible / not allowed.

Where Can I Buy Navigo Easy?

You can buy Navigo Easy cards at:

Paris Transport Ticket Vending Machine with Navigo Easy

Paris Transport Ticket Vending Machine selling Navigo Easy cards (“vente de Passe Navigo Easy”) – photo: Dominik Peters

Can I Buy Navigo Easy Online?

As a rare exception for 2024 Olympics, we can temporarily buy a Navigo Easy online, directly from the Paris train authority, pre-loaded with Paris 2024 pass and have it delivered to your home abroad by courier.  Please see the Paris 2024 pass page for details.  This will end on September 8, 2024.  For any other time after the Paris Olympics, read on…

Yes. But… it can only be picked up in person in Paris, in the 15th arrondissement, not mailed/couriered/delivered anywhere other than this one location in Paris. It is not sold by the Paris transit authority, rather a 3rd party seller.

Alternatively, Android and iPhone mobile devices can now purchase & use Paris Metro tickets directly on their phone with official Paris transportation apps. See the Navigo Pass on phone article for more information.

To buy Navigo Easy online for in-person pickup in Paris, visit the website. Navigo Easy purchased through this online retailer will include a book/carnet of 10 Paris Metro/RER (Ticket t+) tickets pre-loaded.

The price/cost of the online Navigo Easy from this online retailer is currently 23.40€ (includes card fee of 2€ and the 10 tickets). As a reference, the Navigo Easy card loaded with 10 tickets, purchaseable at any Paris Metro, RER station from ticket windows and many automated ticket machines, at Paris airports or anywhere in Paris, is 17.35€ + 2€ (for the card itself).

How Much is Navigo Easy?

Navigo Easy costs 2€ for the card fee, plus however many tickets you buy and add onto the card. Note that as of as of Jan. 4, 2024 booklets of ten Metro tickets will be discounted from the full price of 19.60€ to 17.35€ if put on a Navigo Easy card. Effectively, the price difference makes the Easy card free when buying a booklet of ten Metro tickets. (Buying a booklet (“carnet“) of classic paper Metro tickets will still cost 19.60€). This extra discount is an incentive for travelers to switch to the preloaded ticket card from paper Metro tickets, which Paris is aiming to phase out.

What fares can you put on an Easy card?

Here are fares you can load onto the new Paris transit ticket card:

  • Single Paris Metro tickets (2.15€ each full-fare only, no discount for kids ages 4-9)
  • “carnet” 10-pack of Metro tickets 17.35€ per pack. ~20% discount off regular individual Metro ticket price. 8.65€ child booklet, ages 9 & under. ~50% discount off regular Metro ticket price. Maximum of 3 packs (30 Metro tickets) on Navigo Easy card at any one time.
  • Paris 2024 pass especially created for the Paris 2024 Olympics
  • Orly Airport Ticket on Metro 14. Note: can’t have both Paris Metro tickets (Ticket t+) & this ticket on Navigo Easy at the same time. See Fare Restrictions below.
  • Orlybus ticket for Orly airport to Paris Denfert-Rochereau station (10.30€ on Navigo Easy, or 11.50€ paper ticket)
  • Roissybus ticket for CDG Airport to Paris Opéra station (14.50€ on Navigo Easy, or 16.60€ paper ticket )
  • Navigo Day Pass (8.65€ for 1-2 zone, 20.60€ 1-5 zone)
  • Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass (“Navigo Jeunes Week-end“), age 25 & under, for Sat/Sun/holidays, 4.70€ for 1-3 zone, 10.35€ for 1-5 zone).
  • Antipollution ticket (3.90€, unlimited rides for all 5 zones on Paris Metro, Bus, Noctilien (night bus), RER, Tram, Transilien trains, but only available during days when air pollution is particularly high. OrlyVal train from Antony-Orly is excluded.)
  • Music Festival pass (forfait fête de la musique) – (3.50€ unlimited travel pass for Metro, Bus, RER, Tram, Noctilien (night bus), Transilien trains from 5PM Thursday – 7AM Friday morning, available only during the music festival.)

How many fares can I put on an Easy Card?

The number of tickets & passes you can load onto Navigo Easy at the same time depends on whether you have the rigid plastic smart card Navigo Easy (bought at ticket windows) or the flexible paper card Navigo Easy (from an automated ticket machine).

Rigid Plastic Navigo Easy Card

Rigid plastic Navigo Easy can hold up to 4 different types of fares at any one time.  Here’s a couple examples:

  • 10-pack of Ticket t+, a Navigo Day Pass for two days from now, a Navigo Day Pass for three days from now and two Orlybus tickets
    • the 10 pack of Ticket t+ counts as a single “type” of fare
    • each Navigo Day Pass (active for different days) counts as a single “type” of fare, so it uses up 2 “slots” above
    • 2 Orlybus tickets counts as a single “type” of fare (you can have up to 30 of Orlybus/Roissybus tickets on Navigo Easy)
  • 20 Ticket t+, Paris 2024 Pass 5-day, Navigo Day Pass active for coming Friday, Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass for coming Saturday

Flexible Paper Navigo Easy Card

Flexible paper Navigo Easy can hold only 2 different types of fares at any one time. Here’s a couple examples:

  • 20 Ticket t+ and two Orlybus tickets (note: Orly Airport Metro 14 tickets cannot be on Navigo Easy with Paris Metro Ticket t+.  This is an odd limitation due to the newly completed Metro 14 extension out to Orly Airport.  Hopefully this will be fixed in the future.)
  • Navigo Day Pass for tomorrow and 10-pack of Ticket t+


Hopefully the examples above illustrates that you can load up to 30 Metro tickets (Ticket t+), in addition to the other fares such as Orlybus / Roissybus / Navigo Day Pass, at the same time. While a Navigo Day Pass is active, it will be the first to be used prior to any single-use Metro ticket, as long as the appropriate zone coverage is met. (Note that Roissybus/Orlybus is an exception, see Fare Restrictions below.)  There are some notable restrictions on which combinations of fares can exist on a Navigo Easy card at the same time.  See Fare Restrictions below.

Check Ticket Balance

You have several ways to check Easy card balance to see how many Metro tickets are on the card:

  • automated ticket vending machine
  • at a turnstile / fare gate
  • Navigo card validation machines on buses & trams
  • at any Metro / RER / Transilien station ticket window
  • using a Paris transport mobile phone app

To check ticket balance on an automated Metro ticket vending machine‘s Navigo reader, place the Easy card on the purple Navigo card reader or inserted into the Navigo slot (depending on the machine). This will prompt the ticket vending machine to show the current ticket balance on an Easy card.

Paris Metro Ticket Machine-navigo Reader

Paris Metro Ticket Machine Older Navigo Reader

Photo by Pline

Paris Ticket Machine Metro Bus RER Transilien Tram Navigo Reader Slot

Photo by Transilien

When you validate an Easy card by holding it on the purple Navigo reader on newer turnstiles & fare gates, the number of unused Metro tickets on Navigo Easy is shown on a screen.  Same with Navigo validation machines on Paris buses & trams: when you hold the card to the reader, the remaining ticket balance will show on the display.

Navigo Reader Paris Bus Tram

Photo by Greenski

And finally you can ask any ticket window staff at Paris Metro / RER stations to check the balance on the Easy card.  In French this would be: “Combien des tickets T reste sur cette carte?

Fare Restrictions

Certain fare combinations cannot (or should not) be loaded at the same time:

  • adult fare AND child fare Paris Metro tickets cannot both be loaded onto a Navigo Easy. Only one or the other.
  • if Orlybus / Roissybus tickets are present on a Navigo Easy and an active Navigo Day Pass 1-5 zone or Youth Weekend Day Pass 1-5 zone (which both cover the CDG / ORY airport buses) is also loaded, the Orlybus/Roissbus ticket will still be used.  Don’t load this combination!
  • two Navigo Day passes (for different days) is the maximum that either rigid or flexible Navigo Easy can hold
  • two Navigo Youth Weekend Day Pass / Jeunes week-end is the maximum for either rigid or flexible Navigo Easy
  • Metro Ticket t+ cannot be loaded onto a Navigo Easy pass that has a CDG Airport Ticket or an Orly Airport Metro 14 Ticket loaded, and vice-versa (as of July 2024, hopefully this is changed/fixed in the future?).  The Orly Airport station extension on Metro 14 was opened on June 27, 2024, and apparently there is some incompatibility of having both tickets on a Navigo Easy at the same time.  A regular Paris Metro Ticket t+ valid for the entire Metro 14 line EXCEPT Orly Airport station is 2.15€ and a Paris Metro ticket that includes Orly Airport station is 10.30€. See a Metro 14 line map on the Orly Airport Metro 14 article.

Day Pass / Navigo Jour

Navigo Easy can hold up to two Navigo Jour / Day Pass at any one time as long as the validity dates are different. Navigo Day Pass allows you to specify up to six days in advance when you would like your day pass active.  So as long as the day pass active dates are different, you can load up to two day passes on a single Navigo Easy card.

Roissybus / Orlybus

You can hold more than one CDG Airport Bus “Roissybus” and Orlybus tickets on Navigo Easy at the same time (up to 30 each).  This allows you to have Roissybus return tickets or Orlybus return tickets on the Easy card, to save you from having to return to a ticket vending machine to buy a ticket for the return portion of your trip.

Sharing Navigo Easy

Navigo Easy can be shared between travelers, but not for the same trip at the same time.  (You can’t do a pass-back of the card through a turnstile for another person to use.)  Paris Metro tickets are good for 90 minutes of travel & transfers between lines from the time of validation at a turnstile/gate.  While the card has a validated ticket it essentially cannot be shared; using it at another turnstile that is not part of a transfer (i.e. exiting a station and entering again at another) will consume another Metro ticket from the tickets stored.

* Paris Metro paper coupon tickets are still available and usable after June 12, 2019. The paper based single-use Paris Metro coupon-style tickets are being phased out slowly. The end of paper Metro ticket sales is currently targeting the end of 2025. There’s no word on when existing Metro tickets will stop being accepted for travel, but likely much later than 2025.


General Conditions of Sale & Use of Navigo Easy Pass (in French)

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