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Paris Beauvais Airport Train

By | February 13, 2016 | in Airport Attractions Beauvais (BVA)

Paris Beauvais Airport Train (BVA) serving Ryanair, Wizz Air & Blue Air, is accessible by city train from Paris with taxi completing the journey.  Beauvais Airport is actually located in Tillé, 3.5km north east of Beauvais.  There is no train station at the airport itself, unlike Aéroports Charles de Gaulle and Orly.


Train Line => Ter Line 19 – Paris / Persan-Beaumont / Beauvais

Departure/Terminus Stations => Gare du Nord (Paris) / Beauvais Gare SNCF (Beauvais)

Travel Time => Train 69 to 74 minutes + shuttle or taxi (30 min. or 10 min.)

Price => Train to Beauvais city center 14.5€ then 13€ (7am-7pm Taxi from train station to airport) or 16€(7pm-7am) to Airport (no trains directly to airport).

First/Last Train Arrives at Beauvais at => 07:20 (09:18 sundays & holidays) / 22:18 (23:18)

Frequency of trains => Roughly every 40 minutes.

First/Last Train Departs Beauvais at => 05:13 (06:27 sundays/holidays) / 20:37 (21:59)


Ter - transport express regional logoTo get to Beauvais Airport from Paris, one can take a Ter train (Transport Express Régional) from Gare du Nord station in Paris to Beauvais city center for 14.5€, then complete the journey to Beauvais Airport by taxi.  Taxis charge a flat rate between the train station and airport of 13€ between the hours of 7am and 7pm, 16€ otherwise, for up to 4 passengers, baggage handling included.

There is no city bus service between the two cities due to their small size.

There is also a direct shuttle bus connection between Paris Porte Maillot and Beauvais Airport offered by the airport for 17€. This is actually the cheapest least hassle option.

Below is a Google map showing the car journey between Beauvais city centre and its airport in Tillé: (click on map to enlarge)

Google Map route between Beauvais downtown and BVA Airport

Here is a 2015/2016 schedule of Ter trains departing Beauvais station for Paris (page 1) and also departing Paris, Gare du Nord for Beauvais station in its city centre (page 2):

Paris Beauvais Train Schedule


Click here to download the full Paris – Beauvais train schedule in PDF file format for more detail.  For translations of schedule notes (which are in French), see the Beauvais – Paris train schedule article.

You may also check schedules online at the ticket purchase sites listed further below.

The Beauvais train station – Airport shuttle bus schedule is shown on the following shuttle route map:

Beauvais city centre to Airport Shuttle Bus map and schedule

(Click on map to enlarge shuttle bus route map and schedule). Travel time of the shuttle from Beauvais train station at city centre to Beauvais airport is about 30 minutes.

Ter train ticket vending machine

Train tickets for Paris to Beauvais are 14.5€ one way. Seating is non-reserved so it cannot sell out, thus reservations are not required.  This means you’ll get the best price by purchasing tickets either at the Beauvais train station itself, either through a ticket window or at a automated ticket vending machine (shown on right) taking coins and smartchip credit cards. Vending machines like the one shown here is operated through a knob that is turned either clockwise or counter-clockwise to change on screen selections.  Pressing the button in the center of the knob makes a selection.

If you’d like to purchase tickets ahead of time online, for either home delivery or pickup at the train station, you can use the following web site:

This is the official sales website of SNCF, the France National Railway Company.  Keep in mind that delivery fees may apply to your purchase if you choose mail delivery, depending on where you live, although home printed or digital tickets are a good alternative choice.

The train from Beauvais city centre to Paris – Gare du Nord station takes just over an hour.  From Gare du Nord you’ll have access to Metro Lines 4 and 5 and RER lines B, D and E.  RER B connects to both Aéroport Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.  RER D quickly whisks you to Gare de Lyon and RER E to Gare St-Lazare.  To get to Euro Disney from Paris after taking the Beauvais train, take the RER D to Gare de Lyon, then the RER A in direction Marne La Vallée Chessy, which is right at Parc Disneyland.

If you’re continuing your journey on the Paris Metro or the RER you’ll need to purchase a new ticket for the trip as this Ter journey is outside the fare zones within Ile-de-France (greater Paris Metropolitan area).  This can be done at ticket windows and ticket vending machines within the RER/Metro end of Gare du Nord (eastern half of station).  See the Gare du Nord photo tour for more information on this station.  See the guide to billet Ile-de-France ticket vending machines or Metro ticket vending machines for more information.

Beauvais Paris Train Schedule

By | March 2, 2008 | in Airport Beauvais (BVA) Schedules

Official Beauvais – Paris train schedule showing depature times of trains departing Beauvais city center (closest train station to BVA Airport) arriving in Paris at Gare du Nord station: (click to enlarge schedule)

Beauvais Paris Train Schedule

For a schedule in the opposite direction, see the Paris Beauvais Train Schedule in the downloadable full PDF schedule below.

For complete step-by-step instructions on completing this journey, see Beauvais Airport Train article.


Some translations that are useful when regarding the notes to the schedule:

du lundi au samedi – from Monday to Saturday

vendredi – Friday

samedi – Saturday

ter is the brand name of the train

Circule jusqu’au – Operates until [some date]

Circule à partir – Operates from [some date]

Circule du lun au jeu et les sam. – Operates Mon-Thur and Sat

Circule uniquement les ven. – Operates only on Fridays

Circule du lun au jeu – Operates from Mon – Thur

All days are “inclusive”. Example: Mon – Thur means trains operate from start of service Monday till end of service Thursday

Full Schedule

Download the Paris – Beauvais train schedule in PDF file format for more detail.

You may also check schedules online through sites mentioned in my train route planner article although I have noticed some errors with their suggested itineraries so beware.

If you’d like to purchase tickets ahead of time, for either home delivery or pickup at the train station, see the article on buying TGV tickets (works for non-TGV trains like the Ter train).  Keep in mind that this type of train serving the Paris to Beauvais route (Ter or Transport Express Régional) is a non-reserved seating train, thus tickets do not have to be purchased ahead of time.  Seats are on a first come first served basis.