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Eurostar Timetable London to Paris Train

By | September 12, 2015 | in Eurostar Schedules

The first Eurostar train departing London from St Pancras International Station leaves at 05:25, arriving at Paris Gare du Nord at 08:50.  Note that there is a one hour time difference between London and Paris.

Last train from London to Paris leaves St Pancras at 20:05, arriving at 23:26.

On weekends, Saturday and Sunday, the last train leaves London at 20:35 (8:35pm).

Tips on finding discount Eurostar tickets.

See the full schedule of Eurostar London to Paris trains:

Eurostar Paris to London Timetable

Upon arriving in Paris at Gare du Nord, the Eurostar arrival station, you can take Metro (Tube/Subway) trains direct from there to elsewhere in the city.

Information on the Metro in Paris.

Information on Paris Metro tickets, the Ticket t+.

Information on using Metro ticket vending machines.

If you’re traveling to another city outside of Paris, but within the Ile-de-France region, you can buy train tickets, known as Billet Ile-de-France, from a different style ticket vending machine, a Billetterie Ile-de-France.

Cheap Eurostar Tickets – £69 Return

By | July 26, 2015 | in Eurostar Tickets

To purchase £69 round trip Eurostar train tickets from London to Paris (or Paris to London):

1. Go to and click on the “Eurostar Deals” tab, top right highlighted below. (image updated March 28, 2013). If you end up on the French site, you can switch languages at the top right:

Next, on the Arc de Triomphe photo and text, click on the “Paris is Calling” text, which will bring the photo to centre and show a Book Now button.  Click “Book Now”.

Clicking on the text “Paris is Calling” will reveal a “Book Now” button.  Click that.

2. Next you’ll see a colour-coded calendar.  Any dates shaded in blue are low cost fares. The darker the blue, the more tickets that are available.  I’ve highlighted April 17 below as an example.  Most dates are white and will not have the £69 return fare available.  Select both departure/return dates with blue colours. (Note that currently the site has an error and has listed both outbound and inbound calendars as “London St. Pancras Intl. to Paris Gare du Nord”, but the bottom calendar is for the return leg.  Keep in mind the calendar shows next week by default.   There are up & down arrows on the left top & bottom of the calendar to go back and forth 4 weeks time.

When you’re travel dates are selected click on “Continue“.

Remember any Low, Medium or High Availability days will feature the £69 return ticket price.

In general the first High Availability day will be at least 14 days from now.  Thus, if you can book your Eurostar at least 2 weeks in advance and you’ll get the cheapest Eurostar fare available.

Eurostar London to Disneyland® Paris Train

By | July 22, 2015 | in Attractions Disneyland Paris Eurostar

The Eurostar to Disneyland® Paris train, for as little as 69£ from (St. Pancras –> Marne La Vallee Ches), offers high speed train connection service between London and Disneyland Paris on the eastern edge of the city (accessible by Marne La Vallee-Chessy station), seven days a week.

This article discusses how to find Eurostar Disneyland Paris train tickets and how to catch this train.

The Eurostar (sold thru Voyages-SNCF UK) Paris Disneyland train schedule has the first departure leaving London St Pancras station at 06:50 (arriving 11:50 Paris time) and last daily departure at 17:04 (arriving 21:26).  Note that only one train per day is direct (no connections) which is the 10:14 from St. Pancras.  All other Eurostar London – Disneyland Paris trains on Voyages-SNCF have a connection at Lille where you must change trains to a TGV train to travel from Lille to Marne La Vallée station.

The return schedule from Disneyland Paris to London has the earliest train leaving at 09:01 and the last train leaving at 18:53, arriving in London at 21:03.  The only direct Eurostar train from Disneyland Paris to London departs Disneyland at 18:02 from Marne La Vallée station (just outside the park gates).

St Pancras King's Cross stationTrains on the London side leave from the new St Pancras International station accessible via King’s Cross tube station (click here for a London Tube map).

Euro Disney, now known as Disneyland Paris, is located at Marne La Vallée–Chessy station.

Paris Disneyland Train Station Marne La Vallee Chessy

Most trains serving this route are not direct, with a connection made in Lille on the French side of the Channel. Eurostar trains from Voyages-SNCF make the London to Lille leg of the journey in 1 hour 27 minutes, then a change is required to a French TGV (Trains à Grande Vitesse) train which completes the journey to Marne La Vallée–Chessy in just over an hour. Total travel time on connecting train voyages is between 3 to 4 hours depending on the length of the layover in Lille.

Tickets can be purchased online at Be sure to search for a return trip, rather than two one way journeys, as the prices for one way tickets can be much more expensive.

When using to find tickets and schedules, enter “London St Pancras” as the “From” location and “Marne La Valle Ches” as the arrival location.

The most rapid itinerary would be a departure from London at 09:10 and a return train from Disneyland at 18:02, both of which are direct trains.

After selecting your itinerary on you’ll be asked to choose a method to receive your tickets: either by mail or through automated ticket collection machines at St Pancras station. In general I’d recommend mail delivery to avoid any lineup or ticket collection machine headaches at the departure station. There is a small 2.25£ fee for having your tickets sent by Royal Mail. Picking up tickets at the departure station (St Pancras) is free if you don’t mind getting to the station a bit earlier to use the self-service ticket machines. A six letter reference code will be given to you when you complete your online ticket purchase. This code will be needed to collect your tickets from the automated ticket machines at St. Pancras train station.

For ticket collection via the automated machines, you must use the credit card used to make the purchase, and the booking reference number will be requested (sent to you via a confirmation email after completing your online ticket purchase).

Upon arriving at Marne La Vallée–Chessy TGV station near Paris, you’ll be only a few minutes walk from the Parc Disneyland gates. Below is the scene surrounding the train station (visible on the left).

Euro Disney and Marne La Vallee-Chessy TGV Station

Not visible in the photo, further off to the left, is the entrace gate to Parc Disneyland.

Paris to London Train – Eurostar

By | January 8, 2015 | in Eurostar Tickets

This is a detailed guide of how to buy Eurostar tickets and how to take the Eurostar high speed train from Paris to London. Tickets for the Eurostar start at £69 return and travel time between central Paris (Gare du Nord) to central London (St Pancras/King’s Cross) is 2 hours 15 minutes.


Line => Eurostar

Direction => London – St. Pancras

Departure Station => Paris – Gare du Nord

Arrival Station => London – St. Pancras International

Timetable/Schedule => (updated Jan 2014)

Paris to London – departure times from Gare du Nord

  • First Train – 07:13 (06:43 on Mondays)
  • Last Train – 21:13
London to Paris – departure times from St. Pancras
  • First Train – 05:40
  • Last Train – 20:31

Click to download full Eurostar Timetables Schedules (PDF)

Ticket Prices => From £69 return from /

Rail Europe

Tickets and Schedules

Eurostar Schedule & Ticket SearchThe best way to search and buy Eurostar tickets is directly from The advantage of buying tickets directly from is that they offer free home delivery of tickets, whereas resellers such as Rail Europe may charge a fee depending on your whereabouts. For example, Rail Europe charges $18usd for ticket delivery to a US based address.

You can choose to pick-up or collect your tickets from automated ticket vending machines at your departure train station, but you must use a smart-chip credit card to do so (most European credit/debit cards are enabled with smart chips and pin code protection).

If you’re coming from North America, most likely your credit card will not have a smart chip and will not work with these machines.  In this case, your best bet is to select Home Delivery.

The Eurostar train leaves Paris from Gare du Nord, one of the six major train stations in central Paris (see the Gare du Nord photo tour for more information).  Check-in for the Eurostar train to London is done through a special upper level at Gare du Nord (Level 1 or Niveau 1 in French), separated from the rest of the station, where all Eurostar travelers must pass through both French and British passport control before boarding the train.  (This is due to England’s partial implementation of the Schengen Agreement amongst European Union member countries).

Check-in procedures from the Eurostar starts with scanning your ticket through a turnstile machine.  Keep the ticket printed side up (magnetic stripe facing down) when inserting your ticket. The ticket can be inserted at either end.  The machine will eject your ticket out the top, whereupon you should take your ticket back and keep it for the rest of your journey. The turnstile gates will slowly open and you can then pass through onto passport control.

For passengers not holding a European Union passport, you’ll have to complete a declaration card for British Immigration control.  This is just like landing cards you would fill out for overseas flights, asking the normal questions: name, date of birth, country of birth, where you’re staying in England.

After passing through French and British immigration control you’ll need to pass a security screening where your bags are scanned and you walk through a metal detector.

Finally you’ll arrive in the Eurostar waiting lounge.  The first waiting lounge is for regular Eurostar ticket holders, with tickets for train cars (“voiture”) 6 to 18.  A second smaller waiting lounge can be found further down the hall and is reserved for Eurostar Business and Premier clients, usually seated in train cars 1 to 5.

Boarding for the Eurostar train starts 20 minutes before departure.  An employee will check your Eurostar ticket once more before allowing you to descend onto the dedicated Eurostar platforms at the western end of Gare du Nord.  Immediately after this last ticket check, you can descend onto the train platform using either the moving sidewalk to your left, or via the stairs to your right.  Often the stairs will be completely empty while the slow moving sidewalk will be full with a group of people waiting to descend.  You might want to simply take the stairs if you’re not carrying much luggage.

To find where you’re seated on the train look at the center of your Eurostar ticket where there will be a car number (“Voit”, short for “Voiture” in French, meaning “Car”) and seat number printed, such as in in the following photo (showing Voit 17 seat 23).

To find your designated car along the train, look at the digital display screens located at the end of each train car, next to its entrance door.  This screen will show a large car number from 1 to 18 along with the destination of the train.  In the photo below we see train car number 17 and the destination of the Eurostar (this photo was taken for a trip going to Paris rather than going to London, stopping at Ashford International on its way).

When taking a Eurostar train from Paris to London, it’s common for the Eurostar to stop at Ebbsfleet (and sometimes Ashford) station 15 minutes before arrival at London St. Pancras / King’s Cross. Don’t mistakenly get off the train too early at these dark, uncovered stations outside of London.  St. Pancras International train station on the other hand is well lit, enormous, with plenty of signage and the Eurostar will park itself underneath the covered area.

After arrival, you’ll make your way towards the atrium area with its gigantic clock on the center of the wall.  You’ll descend down a moving walkway towards the customs area where you will pass British customs officers randomly screening passengers.  After that, your options for ground transportation include London Underground Tube (subway) via King’s Cross station, connected underneath St. Pancras, or light rail via St. Pancras station.  See the London public transportation site,, for more information on subways, buses and trains within London.

Useful Links


Transport for London

Gare du Nord photo tour

Timetable Eurostar Paris to London

By | September 12, 2014 | in Eurostar Schedules

The arrival and departures timetable for Eurostar Paris to London train has the earliest departure/first train leaving Paris at 6:43 arriving at 07:58.  The journey time is 2 hours 15 minutes with a 1 hour time zone difference between Paris and London, London being earlier at Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Paris at GMT+1.  Trains leave from Gare du Nord in Paris.  More information on taking Eurostar from Paris to London.

On Saturdays and Sundays the first Paris to London Eurostar train departs at 07:13 arriving in London at 08:28.

Last train train leaving Paris departs at 21:13 (9:13pm) arriving at London St Pancras at 22:34 with a stop at Ebbsfleet 20 minutes before that (don’t get off the train too early).

Tips on finding discount Eurostar tickets.

Here is a full timetable of train trains departing Paris Nord station arriving at London St Pancras:

Eurostar Paris to London Timetable