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Paris RER B Schedule Stations Interchanges

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Paris RER B Trains travel from CDG Airport to central Paris. Below are downloadable / printable schedules for RER B trains from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris and from Paris to Orly Airport (ORY) which requires a connection from RER B’s Antony station to the Orlyval train servicing Orly Airport terminals West & South. (Schedules current as of March 2019.)  RER B train Facts & Figures (video).

RER B Schedule / Timetable

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport to Paris

From Paris Gare du Nord station to CDG Airport

Popular Destinations along RER B Train line

Popular destinations found along RER B train line from Aéroport Charles de Gaulle towards Paris:

RER B Schedule to Paris from CDG Airport

RER B Train Schedule CDG to Paris to Orly (Direction Robinson, Antony, St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse) (PDF updated March 16, 2019)

If you’re arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport and wish to travel to central Paris by train, this is your schedule.  See also the instructions on traveling from CDG Terminal 2 to Paris by train and CDG Terminal 1 to Paris.

If you’re traveling from Paris to Orly Airport by RER B train, this is also your schedule.  Your stop will be Antony station, where you must transfer to Orlyval (dedicated) train towards Orly Airport terminals.  There’s an additional fee for the Orlyval train.  See Paris to Orly by train for additional information.

If you’re traveling on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or a holiday, please see the weekend hours at the end of the RER B Train Schedule 2019.

RER B Express Trains

Note that there are “express” RER B trains departing CDG Airport towards Paris that will not make any stops between CDG and Paris Gare du Nord train station. These trains are designated as such through their four letter “mission” code that’s visible on the front of the trains and on the overhead screens on train platforms which show stations served. CDG express trains to Paris often start with the mission code letter “K” or “J” (although other codes exist). In the example shown below, KARI mission code trains are express trains to Paris from CDG airport.

RER B Express train trains from CDG to Paris

These “express” RER B trains aren’t always available (they usually only run during peak hours) and express trains aren’t necessarily much faster than other RER B trains. i.e. You won’t get into Paris sooner by skipping a departing regular service RER B and waiting for the next “express” RER B, but there will be no stops in between. With no stops in between CDG and Paris, express RER B trains have some noticeable benefits:

  1. less passengers, since there are no passengers boarding between CDG and Paris Gare du Nord, meaning more space for luggage and seating
  2. more safety, as thieves cannot strike while you’re stopping at one of the in-between stations, getting on, grabbing a bag, and quickly departing while the train departs the station
  3. easier to exit the train when arriving at Gare du Nord, since most passengers on express RER B trains just arrived into France and will depart at either Gare du Nord or Chatelet Les Halles and transfer elsewhere. Local passenger traffic tends to flow in & out of trains more randomly at in between stations

RER B Schedule to CDG Airport from Paris

RER B Train Schedule Paris to CDG (Direction Mitry-Claye, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle) (PDF Updated January 7, 2019) – Schedule for trains leaving central Paris going towards Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminals 1 & 3 (stop: Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1) and Terminal 2 (stop: Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 – TGV).  See also the instructions on traveling from central Paris to CDG Airport by train.

If you’re traveling on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or a holiday, please scroll down the PDF and see the Friday and weekend hours at the end of the RER B Train Schedule 2019.

RER B (Airport) Line Map with Stations, Zones, Interchanges to other RER and Metro Lines (PDF)

CDG Airport Terminal 1 to Paris

Get to Train Station Tickets RER B Train Location

Here are photo instructions for RER B train from Paris CDG Airport Terminal 1 to central Paris (Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris). Click on photos to see larger versions.  For train schedules, train ticket prices, maps and other details see the Overview CDG to Paris by Train article. For Terminal 2 instructions see CDG Terminal 2 to Paris Train.

Paris Strike May & June, 2018 ==========
Due to the Paris train strike, RER B trains are running at reduced frequency between CDG Airport and Gare du Nord in Paris. More information on Paris train strike for Paris RER trains.
Paris Strike May & June, 2018 ==========

* Warning! Thieves work on this train!

CDG Terminal 1 to Paris

If you’re arriving at CDG Terminal 1, you’ll first need to take the CDGVAL shuttle train to Terminal 3/Roissypole (center of map) to catch the RER B train to Paris.

Follow CDGVAL signs posted throughout Terminal 1 that will look like the following:

The CDGVAL shuttle train travels from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3/Roissypole then to Terminal 2 as shown on this line map:

While on the CDGVAL shuttle, keep in mind that:

  1. Terminal 3/Roissypole is the second stop which is before Terminal 2.
  2. The shuttle will stop at parking garage Pr before arriving at Terminal 3/Roissypole.

Upon arrival at Terminal 3/Roissypole, you will enter a large concrete atrium show here:

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When exiting the CDGVAL stop at Terminal 3/Roissypole, turn to your right and walk towards a series of white/fuchsia ticket vending machines and several ticket windows behind an overhead sign for RER B “Paris par train / Paris by train”:

From here you can purchase single train tickets for Paris from the white/fuchsia vending machines (Billetterie Ile-de-France) for 10.30€ one way (price as of June 1, 2019). These tickets are known as “Billets Ile-de-France“.

CDG T3 RER B Train Ticket Machines

CDG T3 RER B Train Ticket Machines

Keep in mind that these vending machines do not sell pass cards Pass Navigo and only take coins or smart-chip enabled credit cards. If your credit card is from the U.S., most likely it will not have a smart-chip and will not work with these machines.

To purchase a Pass Navigo Decouverte (public transportation passes) you must visit the ticket window immediately in front of these machines (visible in photo below).

CDG T3 RER B Train Ticket Window

CDG T3 RER B Train Ticket Window


If you already have a Pass Navigo / Pass Navigo Decouverte, you can recharge your card with Navigo Semaine from the white/fuchsia ticket vending Billetterie machines by inserting your pass into the purple Navigo slot and following the prompts.  Beware of the purchase restriction schedule on the Pass Navigo.

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RER B Train Location

After purchasing your tickets or passes, it’s time to find the RER B train platform. Just right of the automated train ticket vending machines and directly opposite/across from the ticket window, you’ll see a set of fare gates and overhead video screens. (See photo below.)

The video screens show the RER B train schedule arriving and departing CDG. The display screen on the right shows RER B trains towards Paris (bottom left edge of display reads: “Paris – St-Remy le Chevreuse – Robinson”). The screen on the left shows RER B arrival times from Paris to CDG Terminal 2 station (bottom left edge of display reads: “Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 2 TGV”).

RER B trains leaving CDG going to Paris (right side screen) stop at all central Paris stations (Gare du Nord to Cité Universitaire, full list below) regardless of the name under the Destination column. The Destination names are the terminus stations for the several RER B train line branches and are used to specify the direction each train is traveling. A complete list of departure times from Terminal 1 RER B station towards Paris is available at the bottom of this article.

Using a gate with a green arrow lit on its front (red X’s signify exit gates) insert your paper ticket into the yellow ticket reader (should be on your right, i.e. that gate’s green arrow should be pointing at you and you should be using your right hand to submit the ticket) then retrieve it from the top arm panel on your right. If using a multi-use train pass (Navigo or Navigo Découverte) place your Navigo pass against the purple pass reader on the top arm panel on your right of the gate. You’ll hear a pleasant “ding” if the pass is correctly read and contains the correct weekly fare. (You’ll hear an unpleasant “buzz” otherwise.) Descend onto the RER B train platform using the escalators or stairs.

CDG T3 RER B Train Entry Gates

CDG T3 RER B Train Entry Gates

Signs at escalators and stairs descending onto the train platforms will note that “All trains go to Paris” (“Tous les trains vont à Paris”).

Once the train arrives, the train doors may not open automatically. Press the small metallic or red rubberized button on the door to open the train doors.

CDG T1 RER B Train Platform

CDG T1 RER B Train Platform

Remember to keep your ticket or passes handy as “controllers” (“ticket checkers”) frequent these trains.

Inside RER B Train from CDG to Paris

Inside RER B Train from CDG to Paris

Travel time to the first major Paris station: Gare du Nord, is roughly 25 minutes.

RER B will stop at Paris RER stations:

  • Gare du Nord (transfers to Metro 2,4,5 RER D,E)
  • Chatelet Les Halles (transfers to Metro 1,4,7,11,14 RER A,B,D)
  • St. Michel-Notre Dame (transfers to Metro 4,7 RER C)
  • Luxembourg (no connections)
  • Port Royal (no connections)
  • Denfert Rochereau (transfers to Metro 4,6)
  • Cité Universitaire (transfer to Tram 3, requires new ticket)

If you need to transfer to a Paris Metro train or a different RER train to arrive at your final destination, you may use your airport RER ticket for making (unlimited) transfers as long as:

  • it’s under 90 minutes since ticket validation (using fare gates at CDG Airport)
  • you haven’t exited the Metro/RER system (by passing through turnstiles or exit gates).
  • your final destination is within Metro/RER Paris Zone 1-2.

If you need to transfer to a bus or tram, you will need to purchase a new Paris Metro Ticket (known officially as Ticket t+) as transfers from Metro/RER to buses/trams are not included.

Useful Links

CDG Airport Map

CDG to Euro Disney by TGV

The following train timetables show depature times of RER B trains leaving CDG Terminal 1 towards Paris.  (Ignore the second pages, which show Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 departure times).

RER B Train Schedule (departure times) CDG Terminal 1 to Paris Monday to Friday (except holidays)

RER B Train Schedule (departure times) CDG Terminal 1 to Paris Saturday, Sunday and holidays

First & last trains timetable for Paris Metro and RER A / RER B trains.

Facts & Figures on RER B train line (video).

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RER B maps, schedules and ticket/pass information can be found below.

The RER B Paris train connects Paris city centre to CDG Airport, Orly Airport, Gare du Nord (Eurostar station) and other important destinations in the metro Paris area.

Watch a quick video of RER B train Facts & Figures.

Paris RER B Train – Overview

The RER B map shown here to the right is a simplified version, showing only major destinations and connections along the blue colored line.


RER B Schedules/Timetables & Line Map (showing stations & connections)


Full Paris RER network map

Tickets & Passes

RER B uses tickets known as Billet Ile-de-France. Multi-use tickets and passes for the RER B include Paris Visite, Ticket Mobilis and Pass Navigo Decouverte.  Caution: tickets & passes are subject to fare zone limits and restrictions, notably with regards to airports CDG & ORY.

Major stations


The above instructions provide information on taking the RER B from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris centre and vice versa. If you know which CDG Terminal you’re landing at see the detailed photo instructions for CDG Terminal 2 to Paris or CDG Terminal 1 to Paris. If you’re landing at Terminal 3, use the CDG Terminal 1 to Paris instructions.


The RER B remains the fastest way to get from central Paris to Orly Airport (ORY) at a total single ticket cost of 10.30€. Keep in mind that the RER B does not directly connect to Orly Airport, but requires a connection onto Orlyval, a dedicated airport train leaving from Antony station, south of Paris, along the RER B train line.

RER B – Gare du Nord

The RER B train makes its first stop in central Paris at Gare du Nord, famous for being the station for the Eurostar high speed Paris to London train.

See the photo tour of Gare du Nord to get a better idea of its layout.

RER B – Chatelet Les Halles

The largest underground station in the world, Chatelet Les Halles, connects to a multitude of Metro and RER train lines including: Metro 1, 4, 7, 14 and RER A, RER B & RER D.

If you’re going to Gare de Lyon and are changing trains from RER B to the RER A at Chatelet Les Halles, note that the two trains are on the same platform, just at opposite sides. Simple alight the RER B, walk to the other side of the platform and board the next train. The next stop will be Gare de Lyon.

RER B – Saint Michel Notre Dame

Conveniently, the RER B makes a stop just next to the famous cathedral of Notre Dame, immediately beside the river Seine in Paris’ 6th district. This station also serves as a connection to the RER C line traveling to Versailles.

RER B – Luxembourg

This station is located immediately east of the Jardin du Luxembourg or Luxembourg Gardens.

RER B – Denfert Rochereau

Second to last station within central Paris for the RER B, Denfert-Rochereau connects to Metro Line 6 which connects to Gare Montparnasse, another of Paris’ popular main large train stations serving TGV trains out to Bordeaux and other southern cities in France.

Paris RER B Train Video – Facts & Figures

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Paris RER B Train Video – Facts & Figures

Learn about the Paris RER B train line running from CDG Airport to central Paris, Orly Airport and beyond. The RER B train is Europe’s 2nd busiest train carrying 870,000 passenger trips each day.

RER B line map with train connections

More interesting facts about the Paris RER B train line:

  • 47 stations
  • 80 km of train tracks
  • 33 cities served in 8 counties
  • connections to:
    • 3 TGV train lines
    • Eurostar London Paris Train line
    • Thalys train to Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg
    • 3 Airports (CDG, ORY, LBG – Le Bourget private airport)
    • 9 Metro lines (M1,4,5,6,7,10,11,14, Orlyval)
    • 4 RER lines (RER A, C, D, E)
    • 2 Transilien lines (H, K)
    • 2 Tram lines (Tram 3 @ Cité Universitaire and Tram 4 @ Aulnay-sous-Bois)

Learn more about the RER B train line in Paris.

RER B Stations Panel

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RER station panels show which stations are available on this RER line, in this direction. Station names lit with yellow squares indicate that the next train to arrive will stop at these stations.

This is a photo of an old style RER B stations served panel located at Luxembourg RER station.

At the bottom right hand corner is a square to specify whether the next train will be short or long.  If the train is short, don’t wait for it at the extreme ends of the station platform, as the train will stop in the middle and you’ll have to rush back to the center of the platform to board the train.

Here’s a modern style RER B stations served panel at Antony station.  This panel shows direction as “Aéroport Ch. de Gaulle 2 TGV” (which stops at Terminal 1 as well), wait time of 0 minutes, and the “mission” or itinerary name of the train: EFLA.  Secret tip: any trains with mission names starting with the letter “E”, go to Airport Charles de Gaulle.

RER Train Line Maps

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RER Train Line MapsRER Train Line Map

The following RER Train Line maps are specific to a single RER Train line, A, B, C, D, or E.

Each RER Line map shows:

  • Stations along the RER line
  • Branches & Terminus (last) stations for each branch, used to specify direction of travel for RER trains along their platforms within stations
  • Interchanges or Connections to Paris Metro lines
  • Connections to other RER train lines
  • Transfers to TGV Trains, Transilien/Ter commuter train lines at large Paris train stations (known as “Gare” in French). This includes Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est, Gare de Lyon, Gare de Austerlitz, Gare de Montparnasse, Gare St. Lazare.
  • Zones for Pass Navigo / Paris Visite / Mobilis tickets and passes
  • Handicap accessibility at stations
  • Famous attractions near stations

These maps can be found on all RER train cars just above their doors.

RER A Train Line Map

RER B Train Line Map

RER C Train Line Map

RER D Train Line Map

RER E Train Line Map