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RER Train Paris to Disneyland® Paris

By | July 10, 2019 | in Attractions Disneyland Paris RER RER A

(cliquez ici pour français France Flag)

This article explains how to take a RER A train from Paris to Disneyland® Paris. If you’re going from Charles de Gaulle airport to Parc Disneyland, you can take either a TGV train direct from CDG to Disney (Marne la Vallée) or first take the RER B train to Paris then at station Chatelet Les Halles, switch to the RER A train line towards Marne La Vallée.

CLOSURES July 13 – Sept 1, 2019 ==========
Parts of the RER A train line from Paris to Disneyland are closed for 2019 summer maintenance.

RER A train line is closed between stations Auber to Vincennes on the following days & times:

From Saturday July 13 and Friday August 9 (inclusive) RER A (Disney) trains stop running at 9pm (21h) on weekdays.  On weekends no RER A trains will run between Auber & Vincennes. Auber & Vincennes stations will remain open for transfers and will act as temporary terminus stations for the RER A line.

From Saturday August 10 to Sunday August 18 (inclusive) RER A trains are not running at all, all day.

From Monday August 19 to Sunday September 1, RER A trains will stop running at 9pm on weekdays and no RER A trains will run on weekends between Auber and Vincennes stations.

The RER A train line will operate normally from 5:15 AM (first train to pass Auber station in Paris towards Disneyland) till 8:53 PM (last train to pass Auber towards Disneyland).

First RER A train from Disneyland towards Paris will leave Marne La Vallée station at 5:13 AM.  Last Disneyland train to Paris during construction will depart at 8:48 PM.

Alternate Train Route Paris – Disneyland during closure
Take Paris Metro line 1 (yellow) from any central Paris station such as Concorde to Chateau de Vincennes station, then transfer back to RER A train line (red) direction Marne La Vallée/Chessy until the end of the line (ends at Disneyland Paris). If you’re not using one of the Paris Metro passes, then you’ll need both an RER ticket for the Vincennes to Marne la Vallée leg and a Paris Metro ticket between central Paris and Chateau de Vincennes on Metro line 1. Unfortunately there is not direct connection between Vincennes RER & Chateau de Vincennes Metro stations and you’ll have to exit one station to ground level and walk to the other station & re-enter using a new ticket.
CLOSURES July 13 – Sept 1, 2019 ==========


Line => RER A (Red)

Direction => Marne-la-Vallée (RER line A4)

Departure Stations => Charles de Gaulle Etoile, Auber, Chatelet Les Halles, Gare de Lyon, Nation

Arrival Station => Marne-la-Vallée — Chessy

Map => Full RER train network map (PDF)

Price => 7.6€ (Zone 1 -> Zone 5, price valid as of June 1, 2019, 3.8€ for children 9 & under)

Passes Accepted => Paris Visite Card (5 Zone), Pass Navigo Decouverte 5 Zone, Ticket Mobilis 5 Zone

Travel Time => 39-45 minutes

First Train TO Disney (from Paris/Chatelet Les Halles) => 05:18

Last Train FROM Disney (to Paris/Chatelet Les Halles) => 00:20

Frequency of trains => approx. every 15 min. (9 minutes to 30 minutes between trains)

Full Schedule => RER Train Schedule/Timetable


RER Stations

RER A city trains travel from central Paris to Disneyland throughout the day at roughly 15 minute intervals from five large central Paris RER A Stations: Charles de Gaulle Etoile (at Arc de Triomphe), Auber (at Galeries Lafayette shopping center), Chatelet Les Halles (massive underground shopping centre and largest underground/subway station in the world), Gare de Lyon (largest Paris train station), and Nation.

Tickets & Passes – RER Paris to Disneyland Paris

A single one way ticket, a billet Ile-de-France, from central Paris to Disney costs 7.6€ ( as of June 1, 2019). You can buy these tickets from any metro or RER station ticket window or from the automated ticket vending machines (using coins or smart-chip enabled credit cards) within stations. You can start your journey from any Metro / RER station within central Paris (Zone 1) using this one ticket and simply transfer to the RER A train line if you’re not already on it. You don’t need to buy a separate ticket just for the metro portion of your trip. The normal metro ticket t+ will not work for this trip since Marne la Vallée / Parc Disney is in Zone 5.

The following passes are accepted for traveling from Paris to DisneyLand:

Inside an RER Station

From inside any of the above mentioned Paris RER stations, you’ll want to take RER A train in direction Marne-la-Vallée, but keep in mind that the direction may also read Boissy-St-Léger such as in the photo below.

You’ll find station panels and signs similar to the one above at any of the above RER A stations. Follow these signs to the correct RER A train platforms. At certain stations, Chatelet Les Halles and Gare de Lyon for example, these RER train signs & panels will lead you to a single central platform with RER trains running along either side in opposite directions. To avoid confusion as to which side is the correct direction look up at the RER station stop panels hanging above each side of the train platform such as the one shown here:

RER A Station Panel Direction Poissy, Cergy-Le Haut

Each station along the line will be shown on these panels, but the next train to arrive will only stop at stations names lit with a yellow square (the left half in the previous photo). Thus, these panels serve two purposes:

  1. to indicate that you’re on the correct side of the platform: if you see your arrival station on the panel, you’re at least on the correct side of the platform. In this case you’d want to see Marne La Vallée – Chessy as one of the stations.
  2. to indicate whether the next train will stop at your desired station. If Marne La Vallée – Chessy is lit with a yellow square, take the train. If not, wait for a train that will stop at Marne La Vallée/Parc Disney.

Once on board a RER A train to DisneyLand Paris, remember to keep your ticket handy throughout your trip as you may be asked to show it to ticket checkers, known as controllers in France. If you fail to produce a valid ticket the controller will charge you a fine somewhere in the range of €40 payable on the spot through credit or debit card. And even though ticket vending machines don’t take non-smart chip credit cards, the mobile credit card swipe machines these controllers carry, definitely do. At the end of your trip you’ll also need your ticket or pass to exit through the turnstiles when you arrive at Marne La Vallée / Disney.

This is the Marne La Vallée train platform at DisneyLand Paris when you arrive:

Once you exit the RER A train make your way up the escalator or stairs in the direction of the Sortie signs. This leads you to the exit (and entry) turnstiles for the RER trains as show in the following photo:

Using your billet Ile-de-France in the turnstiles allows you to pass through into the main section of the station which has an information booth, ticket window, and various shops selling newspapers/magazines and snacks.

After exiting Marne La Vallée–Chessy station, you’ll notice the motif of the station itself is Disney-like with its castle like spires.

Here’s a panoramic photo of Marne La Vallée–Chessy RER/TGV station amongst some attractions at DisneyLand Paris.

When it’s time to return to Paris, you’ll be making this trip in reverse. Within Marne La Vallée–Chessy train station, you’ll need to again purchase a Billet Ile-de-France to Paris (7.6€) either from a ticket vending machine or from the ticket window, pass through the turnstiles, and descend down onto the RER A train platform. The platform will be well marked with a sign indicating which train will depart next for Paris:

Have a great Disneyland visit.

Eurostar London to Disneyland® Paris Train

By | July 22, 2015 | in Attractions Disneyland Paris Eurostar

The Eurostar to Disneyland® Paris train, for as little as 69£ from Voyages-SNCF.com (St. Pancras –> Marne La Vallee Ches), offers high speed train connection service between London and Disneyland Paris on the eastern edge of the city (accessible by Marne La Vallee-Chessy station), seven days a week.

This article discusses how to find Eurostar Disneyland Paris train tickets and how to catch this train.

The Eurostar (sold thru Voyages-SNCF UK) Paris Disneyland train schedule has the first departure leaving London St Pancras station at 06:50 (arriving 11:50 Paris time) and last daily departure at 17:04 (arriving 21:26).  Note that only one train per day is direct (no connections) which is the 10:14 from St. Pancras.  All other Eurostar London – Disneyland Paris trains on Voyages-SNCF have a connection at Lille where you must change trains to a TGV train to travel from Lille to Marne La Vallée station.

The return schedule from Disneyland Paris to London has the earliest train leaving at 09:01 and the last train leaving at 18:53, arriving in London at 21:03.  The only direct Eurostar train from Disneyland Paris to London departs Disneyland at 18:02 from Marne La Vallée station (just outside the park gates).

St Pancras King's Cross stationTrains on the London side leave from the new St Pancras International station accessible via King’s Cross tube station (click here for a London Tube map).

Euro Disney, now known as Disneyland Paris, is located at Marne La Vallée–Chessy station.

Paris Disneyland Train Station Marne La Vallee Chessy

Most trains serving this route are not direct, with a connection made in Lille on the French side of the Channel. Eurostar trains from Voyages-SNCF make the London to Lille leg of the journey in 1 hour 27 minutes, then a change is required to a French TGV (Trains à Grande Vitesse) train which completes the journey to Marne La Vallée–Chessy in just over an hour. Total travel time on connecting train voyages is between 3 to 4 hours depending on the length of the layover in Lille.

Tickets can be purchased online at Voyages-SNCF.com. Be sure to search for a return trip, rather than two one way journeys, as the prices for one way tickets can be much more expensive.

When using Voyages-SNCF.com to find tickets and schedules, enter “London St Pancras” as the “From” location and “Marne La Valle Ches” as the arrival location.

The most rapid itinerary would be a departure from London at 09:10 and a return train from Disneyland at 18:02, both of which are direct trains.

After selecting your itinerary on Voyages-SNCF.com you’ll be asked to choose a method to receive your tickets: either by mail or through automated ticket collection machines at St Pancras station. In general I’d recommend mail delivery to avoid any lineup or ticket collection machine headaches at the departure station. There is a small 2.25£ fee for having your tickets sent by Royal Mail. Picking up tickets at the departure station (St Pancras) is free if you don’t mind getting to the station a bit earlier to use the self-service ticket machines. A six letter reference code will be given to you when you complete your online ticket purchase. This code will be needed to collect your tickets from the automated ticket machines at St. Pancras train station.

For ticket collection via the automated machines, you must use the credit card used to make the purchase, and the booking reference number will be requested (sent to you via a confirmation email after completing your online ticket purchase).

Upon arriving at Marne La Vallée–Chessy TGV station near Paris, you’ll be only a few minutes walk from the Parc Disneyland gates. Below is the scene surrounding the train station (visible on the left).

Euro Disney and Marne La Vallee-Chessy TGV Station

Not visible in the photo, further off to the left, is the entrace gate to Parc Disneyland.