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The Paris antipollution ticket is a full day multi-use travel pass good for all Paris fare zones and all Paris Metro, RER, bus and tram lines for 3.90€ (except Orlyval). The Paris antipollution pass includes CDG Airport using RER B or Roissybus, Orly Airport using Orlybus, Tram 7 or GO shuttle, Disneyland Paris, Fontainebleau and Versailles.

Antipollution ticket

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Paris Antipollution Price: 3.90€

The Paris anti-pollution ticket/pass will cost 3.90€ for an all-day travel pass. It’s quite a good deal considering a single-use RER B ticket to CDG would be 11.80€ normally. With the Paris antipollution pass you could do round-trip to CDG airport / Disneyland Paris and pay only 3.90€.

When to Buy

The Paris antipollution travel pass is only available for sale when vehicle traffic and therefore air pollution surpasses some (mysterious) limit. The antipollution ticket isn’t normally available and there is no published list of traffic / pollution limits that I could find which predicts when this limit will be surpassed. I would imagine the air quality measuremeant also depends on atmospheric conditions that could lead to a build up of more smog, particulates and other emissions in the region and hence trigger the sale of anti-pollution travel passes.

When Paris antipollution passes do become available they are sold from 8pm the night before the anti-pollution transportation day.  Availability of Paris anti-pollution tickets & the day they will be valid is posted / published by the Prefecture de Police (, by the Ile-de-France Mobilities website (, and the Paris regional transit authority at

Where & How to Buy

Paper Ticket Antipollution Pass

The Paris antipolution pass can be bought as a multi-use paper coupon ticket when you don’t have a Navigo / Navigo Easy card nor Navigo mobile phone app installed.

RATP logo

RATP logo

The antipollution “ticket” is a multiple-use paper coupon ticket similar to a Paris Visite ticket. You can buy the paper ticket antipollution pass from automated ticket vending machines using Euro coins (a few machines may also take small Euro notes) or European debit card or Visa/Mastercard credit cards and from Metro/RER/Transilien ticket windows. There are also many retail points of sale for transportation tickets at tobacconists, newspaper stands and cafés which display the RATP logo.

Antipollution pass on Navigo Card

If you have a physical Navigo pass card already you may buy & load the antipollution pass directly onto your Navigo using any automated ticket vending machine with a Navigo card reader or at any Paris Metro/RER/Transilient ticket window. The Paris antipollution pass can be bought & loaded onto a:

Buy Pass on Phone App

If you’re already using either the Ile de France Mobilités app or the Bonjour RATP app, you should be able to buy & load the antipollution ticket/pass onto your phone and use the pass directly from your phone. I note “should” because support for ticket purchases on the two mobile phone apps (Ile-de-France Mobilités & Bonjour RATP) varies depending on whether you’re using iPhone or Android and which versions of iOS and Android you are using.

Android phone users (with at least Android version 8.0 and NFC hardware on the phone) should be able purchase antipollution tickets on their phone and use those tickets directly from their Android phone. iPhone users with an iPhone XR (10R or SE 2020 and beyond) should also be able to purchase and load their antipollution ticket onto their phone to use directly from their iPhone. (This feature for iPhone was added on May 21, 2024 for the Ile-de-France Mobilites iOS app.)

Huawei and Honor brand Android phones cannot use the Paris transport mobile phone apps currently for Paris transportation ticket & pass purchases nor validation at fare gates due to restrictions on accessing/using Google services.

How to use Antipollution Pass

To use the antipollution ticket insert the ticket into ticket readers in turnstiles & faregates (and retrieve it to unlock gates) at RER & Metro stations and insert into ticket readers on buses and trams near vehicle doors, just like a regular Paris Metro ticket.

The antipollution travel pass loaded onto a Navigo or Navigo Easy card is used like a Navigo Day Pass, tapping the card against the purple reader areas of fare gates / turnstiles and validation terminals on trams & buses. See the Navigo page for more information.

Validity Period

The Antipollution pass is valid on the anti-pollution day posted on the above Police / Mobilities / RATP websites from 00:00 (midnight) till 23:59 that evening. Night buses (Noctilien, with N### designations) will accept the antipollution pass until 05:59 the day after the anti-pollution travel day.

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