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Navigo Pass prices include unlimited travel to Orly and CDG airports, Chateau de Versailles as well as Paris Disneyland. Navigo Pass for tourists / visitors (known officially as Navigo Découverte) is available at daily, weekly and monthly prices, is open to purchase by everyone (visitors and residents).

Currently as of Nov. 1, 2019 all zones (zones 1 – 5) are one price*:

  • 17.80€ per day
  • 22.80€ per week
  • 75.20€ per month

(Paris Train Zone Map in PDF format)

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Navigo pass prices in Euros, British Pounds and US Dollar below show Navigo pass week price and Navigo month price for central Paris to all other zones (Zones 1 – 5).

(Prices current as of Aug 1, 2019)

The Paris transit authority has decided to remove zones when traveling to or from central Paris zone 1.  For nearly all visitors, this makes zones irrelevant.

Prices for zones excluding central Paris (Zone 1) there are slight reduction in prices for zones 2-5, 3-5, 4-5.

  • Zones 2-5 Week: 20.65€  / Month: 67.90€
  • Zones 3-5 Week: 19.80€ / Month: 65.50€
  • Zones 4-5 Week: 19.85€ / Month: 65.20€

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