Coronavirus Covid-19 Paris Metro – RER Train Services – Running at Reduced Frequency

Paris Metro

Paris Metro train services are running at 50% of normal frequency.

Paris Metro trains will end service early this weekend at 01:15 instead of the usual +1 hour later Saturday/Sunday close.

The following Paris Metro lines are affected:  All Paris Metro lines.

Paris RER Trains

RER B CDG Airport train service is running at 50% normal frequency.
CDG Airport to Paris icon

RER A train (Paris – Disneyland) is running at 50% normal frequency.
(Disneyland is closed due to Coronavirus / Covid-19.)
Disneyland Paris Train Line

Paris Buses

Paris city buses and trams are running at 68% normal frequency.

Paris Trams

Paris city trams are running at 50% normal frequency.

A country wide stay-at-home order has been issued by President Macron.

The text of this stay-at-home order is available in French from

People are required to stay indoors at their residence from March 17, 2020 starting at 12:00 p.m. for a period of at least two weeks.

Leaving your residence is only allowed for:

  • shopping for food & necessities at listed establishments (see list under Les Establissements Fermés section of order, in French)
  • medical appointments
  • exercise by oneself
  • traveling to work if work-from-home is not possible

You will need to fill out an online form identifying your reason for being outside, print it and bring it with you on your travel outside of your home / residence.

For French employees required to travel to work, a different travel for work form is required for commuting to work in France.

You will be stopped by Police / Gendarmerie asking to see these authorisation forms.

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