Eiffel Tower Bridge Bir-Hakeim at Night

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Eiffel Tower at night with Bridge Bir-Hakeim in front (photo by Cal Redback). This bridge is passable by foot, car and is also used by Metro Line 6 to cross the Seine on the top platform.  In the photo there is a line of light above the bridge which is actually from the Metro train passing by although the train itself is not visible due to the long exposure of the photo.

Recently Bridge Bir-Hakeim was used in the film Inception where Ariadne creates mirrors between the columns.

Close by:
Île aux Cygnes (Swan Island) is a long thin island in the middle of the Seine, accessible by foot, connecting Bridge Bir-Hakeim to Bridge Rouelle and finally Bridge Grenelle closer to the Eiffel Tower. On this island is a 1/4 replica of the Statue of Liberty, inaugurated 3 years after France gave the United States the full-size version.

Paris by Cal Redback (CalRedback)) on 500px.com
Paris by Cal Redback

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