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An epic photo of La Défense business & residential district from the far eastern end (closer to Paris), looking west across the reflecting pool on the Esplanade with a majestic view of the Grande Arche at the far western end towards Puteaux.

This photo by Antoine Daniel with dramatic post-processing lends to the modern/futuristic feel of the area. Many large sculpture installations are scattered throughout La Défense plus many interesting architectural works.  Well worth a visit to this non-touristy part of Paris.

To start at the eastern end take Metro Line 1 (yellow) towards La Défense and get off at Esplanade de la Défense station, then start walking towards the huge square white arch, the Grande Arche.  Take detours to explore the courtyards of the buildings along the way.  You’ll surely find interesting sights.

To return, take either the RER A at Grande Arche (requires a RER ticket, 2,60€, from Zone 3) towards Marne La Vallée/Chessy/Boissy or the Metro Line 1 (requires regular Paris Metro Ticket) towards Chateau de Vincennes.  Both stations are in the same area but have separate entrance turnstiles, one for RER (in the center of the underground mall area) and one for Metro (off the left and right sides of the underground mall plus another entrance at the far eastern end towards the bus station).

Reflet défense by Antoine Daniel (AntoineDaniel)) on

Reflet défense by Antoine Daniel

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