School-Youth Group Discount Train Tickets

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School-youth group discount train tickets are available if you’re on an organized school trip with students up to and including upper form / senior year high school (regardless of age).  You may apply for a group discount at any RATP Metro, RER, Transilien ticket window using this (duly completed) Youth or School group discount Paris train ticket application form (only available in French).  

Note: this group discount is not meant for multiple trips over several days, but rather a predetermined one-way or round trip. It offers a discount only on regular Metro ticket (i.e. Ticket t+) or a “group” fare from a specific RER station to another, customized/created by a ticket agent at a ticket window. The ticket/fare discount is only valid on the Paris Metro or RER. This discount is not valid for the bus, nor tram nor any airport destination (e.g. CDG or Orly by any means).

The youths are eligible for a 50% discount from the normal ticket fare if the conditions are met:

  1. The group is 10 or more youths (aged 16 and under) and accompanied by a guardian who will complete the form and apply for the discount
  2. The group is 10 or more students (elementary or high school / lower or upper form, regardless of age) accompanied by a guardian who will complete the form and apply for the discount

In addition to the students, 1 guardian may also receive the 50% discount on Paris train ticket fares.  For each group of 10 (or fraction of 10 after the first ten, i.e. from 11-20 students 2 guardians get discounted tickets, for 21-30 students 3 guardians get discounted tickets, etc.) another guardian is eligible for a 50% discount fare on Paris train tickets.

If the application for reduced fare is accepted at the ticket window, the form will be stamped & signed for you to keep.  As the guardian, you must keep the form with you during the train trips in order to rightfully use the discounted Paris train ticket fares.  Also, all the youths must keep their validated tickets during the voyages.  The application form is not a replacement for tickets.  It acts as justification for the use of discounted Paris train tickets and nothing more.

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