Fun with Navigo Passes

Here’s me having some fun with Navigo Découverte passes that I had prepared for my friends visiting me in Paris a few weeks back. I prepped their cards with their real photos, but overlaid some “fun” kids show characters on top to see if the RATP/SNCF controllers would notice.

B and E do Paris

On our way to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport on RER B we were pleasantly surprised by a team of controllers (ticket checkers). With smiles on our faces in eager anticipation of their reaction, we were surprised (and a bit disappointed) that our controller took no notice of the peculiar face photos. (Note that these pictures are Photoshop simulations of the cards I gave my friends, but, you get the point).

So, if you’re wondering what quality of photo is accepted for Passe Navigo Découvertes… apparently any…

Then again, don’t forget to buy tickets for your live snails

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