Paris to Stade de France by Train

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To get from central Paris to Stade de France by train, the best route is now Paris Metro 14 + Metro 13, costs 2.15€ (4€ during Paris 2024 Olympics, July 20 - Sept 8,2024), using a regular Paris Metro ticket, and takes about 22 minutes.  It’s both cheaper and faster with less walking using the Paris Metro rather than the RER D train (see the difference between Metro & RER) thanks to the extension of both Metro lines 13 & 14 further north into the Saint Denis area.

Paris to Stade-de-France on Metro

Metro Route – Paris to Stade de France

This route from Paris to Stade de France starts very central in Paris at Chatelet station.  If you’re not in the heart of Paris, use the Paris Metro to get to any Metro line 13 or Metro line 14 station and follow these directions.

  • if you’re near a Metro 14 station in Paris,
    • take Metro 14 in direction Saint-Denis Pleyel until Mairie de Saint-Ouen station
    • transfer at Mairie de Saint-Ouen station from Metro 14 to Metro 13, direction Saint-Denis Université
  • if you’re near a Metro 13 station in Paris,
    • take Metro 13 in direction Saint-Denis Université
  • get off Metro 13 at Saint-Denis Porte de Paris station
  • walk to Stade de France (10 minutes)

See route on Google Maps and see/download the entire system Paris Metro Map.

Paris to Stade de France Train Cost

This route using the Paris Metro costs 2.15€ (4€ during Paris 2024 Olympics, July 20 - Sept 8,2024).  Even though Stade de France is in zone 2, you still only pay 2.15€ using this route because the fare zone system doesn’t apply to the Paris Metro, only Paris RER & Transilien trains.  So instead of paying 3.20€ (6€ during 2024 Paris Olympics) you pay the single-ticket Metro price of 2.15€.


Pay 2.15€ not 4€

If you purchase your Paris Metro tickets before July 20, you will pay the regular Paris Metro ticket cost of 2.15€ and they will be valid to use anytime in the future (their 90 minute validity period starts when you first validate the ticket using a fare-gate/turnstile).  If your mobile phone supports a Paris public transport mobile app, you may be able to purchase Paris Metro tickets before July 20, 2024 / before arriving in France and pay the pre-Olympics price, although some people have troubles completing the payment while outside of France using the Ile-de-France Mobilités app / Bonjour RATP app.  If your mobile wallet app (such as Apple Wallet or Google Wallet) offers Paris transport fares, you may be able to pay for the tickets / complete the ticket purchase now from your home even while outside of France.  Inside your phone’s wallet app, choose Transit Cards (or your wallet app’s naming of this category), search for “Paris”, select “Navigo Paris”, then scroll down to “t+ Ticket” for 2.15€.  Those are standard Paris Metro/bus/tram tickets that will work for Paris to Stade de France and include transfers for up to 90 minutes.  You can also choose a “Carnet 10 t+ Tickets” for a booklet of ten of the single-use Paris Metro Ticket t+ tickets, which are discounted by about 20% when bought in bulk.  Unfortunately you cannot buy some amount in between, it’s either 1 or 10, at least on iPhone.

apple-wallet-transit-cards apple-wallet-navigo apple-wallet-metro-ticket-t+

After completing the purchase, the Paris Metro ticket t+ will be stored on your phone.  Paris transport tickets stored on your mobile device will use your phone’s NFC technology to interact with the Navigo card readers on gates & turnstiles to validate the ticket and open the barrier for you to enter the Metro system.  You only need to hold your phone near the Navigo reader to validate the ticket (may be faster to validate if your screen is on, but the phone shouldn’t need to be unlocked).

Feel free to post a question if any of the above is unclear.

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