2 Navigo Découverte ?

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 I arrive in Friday leave on Wennsday ( 6 days)can I buy two Navigo Découverte to cover the 6 days ?if not can I buy Navigo Découverte (one month ) will it work as for me it will be cheaper than 5 days + 1 day paris visit pass thx

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Staff February 27, 2017

A Navigo bought on Friday is not useable till Monday.
If you arrive on the 19th day or before of the month you're traveling in Paris, yes, you can buy a Navigo Découverte and load it with a month pass and use it for your days in Paris. (On the 20th day of the month, Navigo is only useable starting the 1st day of the next month.)  The Navigo card itself is no different between week and month.  You simply load which duration you want on the same card.


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