3 days visite pass or 5 days visite?

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Hi Ben, we will be in Paris from June 7th Sunday and leaving on Thursday June11th. Should we buy the 5 days Visite pass from zone 1-5. Since we want to visit Versailles for one day and will also use it for airport transfers. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Staff February 24, 2020

I actually think single-use RER tickets for arrival day (Sunday), with a Navigo Week pass for Monday-Thursday coverage.  I believe price-wise, this combination will be better than Paris Visite.  Unless you're arriving by Orly airport and really want to use OrlyVal (only covered by Paris Visite), then Navigo Week Pass has the same coverage and is significantly cheaper.  (There are other transit options for Orly Airport that are covered by Navigo, i.e. Orlybus & Tram 7.)
If you'd like full day unlimited ride pass for arrival day on Sunday, then switch from single-use RER ticket to a Navigo Jour day pass for Sunday, with zone coverage appropriate for your airport.  The Navigo day pass will go onto the same card as the Navigo week pass.


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