7 Days Travel – What Pass/Passes?

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Hi   We are going to be arriving at CDG and staying at a hotel next to the Gare Du Nord.  We will be in Paris 7 days, with two of those days traveling to Versailles and Disneyland.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we will be in Zone 1-3, Wed-Thurs  we will be in Zone 1-5, and then return to Zone 1-3 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   Am I correct in thinking that CDG to Gare due Nord is in zone 1-3?  And what tickets would you recommend we buy to cover all the zones we need in the least expensive way?  Thanks!

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Staff February 2, 2020

Navigo Decouverte week pass + Navigo Jour day pass (for Sunday) 1-5 zone, will be your best pass combination in terms of price, coverage and convenience.  You can buy both passes (put onto the same card) when you arrive at CDG on Sunday.
CDG to Gare du Nord is a zone 1-5 trip (CDG is in Zone 5 of Paris transportation zones).


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