A thanks note to Ben Lam, and Paris by train

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A Thanks Note to Ben Lam , Paris by train
Hello WordPress,
   Re:A new answer for "Do I need buy another ticket if I    transfer from RER B to RER A" was posted on Paris by Train 
Thank you so much for sending me this incredible massage!
Many Thanks also to Ben Lam for his clear and quick answer to my question that I sent to Paris Train!
My great appreciation also goes to Paris by Train for post this answer, so I can see.
It was all beyond my expectations that I could receive an answer in such short time, so quickly within a few hours after I sent a question.
It make me trip to Paris in September is easier and enjoyable !
What a wonderful and incredible impression of Paris, France!
Amazing experience!
How lovely the world!
from Vancouver, Canada
* Bellow are the Attached question and the answer 

 I will travel from CGD airport to Champigny or  Joinville-le-Pont station and will take RER B and then RER A .

  1. Do I need buy another ticket if I transfer from RER B to RER A ?
  2. Can I buy a day pass for this trip?
  3. what is the best ticket to buy if I will be in Paris for  2 days and wish to go Versailles ?   please give suggestions  Thanks! Jean 


Ben Lam Staff3 days ago

A single RER ticket, customized by a ticket agent at CDG Airport train station ticket office, will let you transfer from RER B to RER A all the way to Joinville le Pont.
You can use a 1-5 zone Navigo Jour day pass or 1-5 zone Ticket Mobilis for this trip.
If you make a round trip Paris-Versailles only once, and the rest of the time in Paris, then use regular RER tickets for the trip to Versailles and two 1-2 zone Ticket Mobilis or Navigo Jour day passes for your time in Paris.
Keep in mind there is construction along RER A that is affecting evening & weekend train service until September 1, 2019.

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Staff August 14, 2019

You're welcome Jean.  I hope you have a lovely trip to Paris.


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