About going to CDG airport with RER B (Navigo Pass)

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I want to ask about how navigo pass work in my case.
I stay near the Bures sur Yvette RER B station (Zone 5) which is in the opposite end of CDG airport.
Can I use navigo one day pass for zone 4-5 to go to CDG airport by RER B?
Or I have to buy the pass for zone 1-5.
Thank you.

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Staff October 19, 2019

You will need a 1-5 zone Navigo pass for a trip from Zone 5 to Zone 1 back out to Zone 5.  All RER trains go through the center of Paris, Zone 1.  There isn't a circular train route around the city like there are in many cities.  If you were to buy a single-use RER ticket, it would cost 14.70€ for this trip.  A 1-day 5 zone Navigo Jour day pass is 17.80€ so if you only have to make one trip that day, a single-ticket would be cheaper.


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