Are Navigo Découverte Cartes sold from machines "Tickets et Navigo" at CDG train station?

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I know I want 5 Navigo Découverte Cartes with "Forfait Semaine Toutes Zones". I will have my photos, pen, and credit card with chip.  Do the "Tickets et Navigo" machines at CDG train station sell Navigo Découverte Cartes?  Or must I go to an SNCF agent at the counter to buy these?

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Staff July 14, 2021

The ticket vending machines and Navigo recharge stations do not sell the physical Navigo card itself (no vending machines do).  You'll need to visit a ticket window / ticket office to buy the Navigo Decouverte card from a human agent (and they can also put the week pass subscription on for you at the same time).  


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