Are you intending to continue to update the daily information regarding the current strikes?

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I have been sharing collated material with Facebook closed group for those travelling to France. It doesn't have the detail or quality of your own. I would prefer to just refer our members to your page but I just wanted to see if at this stage you are intending to continue updating the information on a daily basis for the duration of the strike. I appreciate that you can ony respond in terms of your intentions and the situation at this time so nothing is forever or set in concrete as circumstances may change for you. I just don't want to change my system now, if you are already thinking that what you do may not be sustainable (given that most of us didn't think we would still be needing to publish this type of information 3 weeks later) 

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Staff December 26, 2019

Thanks for considering directing your members to the Paris train strikes page.  I'm a bit surprised it would last this long as well.  But, there does seem to be some slight reduction in intensity / impact as the weeks pass, mostly in regards to Metro services.  More lines and more Metro stations are coming back online, albeit slowly and in somewhat chaotic fashion.
I intend to keep the Paris train strike impact page updated as long as the service disruptions continue.  Let's hope some resolution is found soon.
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