Arriving on Saturday, staying through Sunday but leaving Paris for 48hrs…

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Hi, This is my scenario

  • Arriving CDG on Sat,
  • Staying in Paris through Wed afternoon
  • Train to Bayeux Wed afternoon and returning to Paris Fri afternoon
  • Paris Fri afternoon through Sunday
  • Departing from CDG on Sunday.

What is most economic combination of passes for us for public transportation? Thanks!

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Staff December 13, 2019

Upon landing at CDG, go to either CDG Train station and in one transaction:

That will cover you for getting into Paris/hotel on Saturday, all your Paris Metro / RER trips from Monday-Wed, Friday-Sunday, and back to CDG airport on Sunday in the most economical manner. 
If you don't plan on taking transit much on Sunday, you can skip the Navigo Day Pass and walk around.  And alternatively if you plan on taking lots of trips on Saturday arrival day, skip the single RER ticket and go with a Navigo Day Pass 1-5 zone for that day. 
Notes on prices: (see the above linked articles for more details / up to date prices if not reading this in 2019)
A single RER ticket for CDG to Paris as of 2019 is 10.30€
Navigo Day Pass 1-2 zone is 7.50€
Navigo Day Pass 1-5 zone is 17.80€
(CDG is in zone 5)


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