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Hi, Ben!

I read your material about navigo cards and I'm not sure about this is the best option for me. So..

I arrive in Paris with my wife in a Saturday on Orly airport and I'll leave town Wednesday night from CDG airport. We're going to be hosted in 13th ARR.

I'll have to go, during the week, two days for a conference near Villejuif-Louis Aragon Metro station, our side Paris.

So, I was wondering about buying:

1. 2 navigo cards (me and my wife)
2. 2 days pass (weekend) + 1 week pass (week) on each card.

Is that the best and cheapest option for me?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Staff February 6, 2020

Hi Paulo,
For the weekend days, if you're planning 4+ rides on bus/Metro/Tram/RER each day, then I'd recommend a Ticket Mobilis 1-4 zone or Navigo Jour day pass 1-4 zone for Saturday (to cover Orly to Paris by Orlybus or Orly to Paris by Tram 7 to Villejuif Louis Aragon) and a Ticket Mobilis 1-2 zone or Navigo Jour day pass 1-2 zone for Sunday (or however many zones you need).  Then a Navigo Week Pass for Monday - Wed, which will also cover your trip back to Orly by Orlybus or Tram 7.
Keep in mind Navigo doesn't cover OrlyVal train.
If you don't plan on making 3+ trips on transit on your arrival day (in addition to Orly to Paris trip), it would be slightly cheaper to go with single-use tickets like Orlybus ticket + Paris Metro tickets.


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