Best pass to get?

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My wife and I are flying into CDG on a Thursday. What is the best pass for us to get? If we get the one that requires a photo, should we bring our own? If we get the weekly pass, do we just renew it on Monday the following week?
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Staff October 2, 2021

The Navigo week pass is generally the best pass to get.  You can use it for your CDG to Paris journey as well, which is covered by default.
It does require a photo so bring a small (1.25" x 1") headshot photo, color preferred, but black and white if not possible.  It will be attached onto the paper card portion of the Navigo Decouverte pass.  You'll renew this pass for next week anytime Friday onwards (so you can have both the current week's pass still active while loading next week's pass as well.)


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