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Totally and completely appreciate the enormous detail of your site, THANK YOU!
I am arriving CDG on a Friday, staying for 7 days, and departing on Thursday morning.  I will be visiting Strasbourg on Saturday (SNCF tix in hand), and visiting Versailles one day (undecided, but considering Sunday).  Other than those two excursions, I plan to stay pretty much in zone 1, accommodation is in the 11th. 
I'm trying to figure whether to purchase a Navigo Decouverte for M-Thu (to include return trip to CDG), or whether I should stick with a carnet of 10 and buy a Moblis for the days I plan to use the Metro more than 5x. 
Any direct advice/guidance you can lend? Budget isn't so tight I couldn't splurge, but I'd rather put that money toward other things. 

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Staff December 6, 2016

I'd lean towards a carnet of ticket t+ based on your plans.  Especially if you like to wander on foot (you won't see much from the Metro).  If there's a day when you know you want to hit multiple places across the city, a Mobilis is a good idea.  And you don't have to use the Mobilis the same day you buy it.  It starts from first usage, so you can use it another day.
If you make 4+ one way trips per day, then go for the Navigo, otherwise, carnet + Mobilis if needed and a couple of billets for Versailles will do.
Thanks for the kind words and enjoy your visit.


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