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Hi. I'm traveling to Paris in October. I'm arriving CDG on a Monday (early/late AM) and departing on a Friday (late AM/early PM).
I will be staying at a hotel near Gare de Lyon.
On Mon I will commute from CDG to hotel (1 trip) and then perhaps within central area for sightseeing (2-? trips).
On Tues-Thurs I will commute from hotel to a place near Stade de France (2 trips => 1 from hotel to SdF area in the morning, 1 back to hotel in the evening), and then maybe 2-? trips in the evening within central area for dinner/sightseeing.
On Fri I will commute from hotel to CDG in the morning, 1 trip.
It seems that a Navigo weekly pass would be best, but I wanted to check here. I would appreciate any insight. If I can avoid the possible hassle of getting the passport photo for the weekly pass it would be nice, but not mandatory.

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Staff July 12, 2023

I'd suggest the Navigo Week pass as the "best experience" option, especially with the round trip between CDG & Paris.  That round trip is 23€ (for the RER B, 32.40€ if you go for Roissybus) whereas the Navigo week price is 30€ + 5€ card fee (as of 2023).  The Navigo week pass also gives you the freedom of taking random buses to see more of the city, without concerns about getting the optimal route.  (Transfers between Metro/RER & bus are not included in regular fares, making unlimited use passes more flexible/attractive.)
If you have access to a color printer (at home, office or at a local office supply store) it's fine to print & scissor cut a small passport sized color photo of yourself to use for the Navigo card.  It doesn't have to be a photo-paper print.


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