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my planned arrival is on sunday morning.  I would like to take the RER from CDG and then the metro to my hotel, would like to use the metro during the day/evening when I do not walk, and am planning to go to versaille.  I believe I cannot buy the navigo decouvertre on Sunday only Monday.  Planning to stay a few days, leaving the following Friday.  Any suggestioins would be appreciated.

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Staff January 28, 2020

For your Sunday arrival buy a Navigo card with a Navigo day pass, 1-5 zone.  At the same time, also put a Navigo Week pass onto the same card.  The Week pass won't be valid until after midnight Sunday / Monday morning, but it will be good for all the rest of your travels through Friday, including Versailles & back to CDG airport by train or CDG airport buses.


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