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Hi Ben,
I've been looking at this route:
The route shows two N01 buses and one N131 bus from around Place de Clichy to Orly; it looks like I have to get off the N01 bus at Gare de l'Est to catch a different N01 bus. Are there different N01 buses? I believe I have to use a different ticket t+ for each time I change the buses in the middle of the night, so this would mean an extra ticket?
Alternative recommendations are also appreciated.
Thank you very much for your time Ben. Great site!

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Staff February 6, 2020

 Hi there,
There's several options for Noctilien buses to Orly during the night.  Google's route has a fair amount of walking and RATP transit authority offers a different route.  They suggest N51 - N16 - N131 (or N144 for last leg, both N131/N144 go to Orly 4).
Starting off with N51 is recommended by RATP as it's only 1 min. walk from 43 Av. de Clichy as opposed to 6 min. for N01 closest bus stop.
The complete route is:
N51 at Ganneron stop, direction Gare Saint Lazare, departing 02:58
N16 at Gare Saint Lazare, dir. Maire de Montreuil
N144 at Gare de Lyon, dir. Corbeil Essones, arrives Orly 4 at 04:02
N131 at Gare de Lyon, dir. Bretigny, arrives Orly 4 at 03:57
(whichever comes first)
You can research routes using RATP's Itinerary Planner.
Thanks for the kind words about the site.


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