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Hi, can we buy Navigo weekly pass online? What is the app that makes me believe we can buy but it doesnt take me anywhere? Thank you. 

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Staff October 6, 2023

It may be possible to buy a Navigo week pass to load onto your phone, but it depends on your phone (make, model and software version) and requires you to create an account on Ile de France Mobilités website.  Currently I cannot access this website due to a technical issue on their end (causing endless reloading of the web page).  Perhaps you'll have better luck.
For modern Android phones (version 8+) and Google Pixel 5 or more recent, or recent model Samsung phones) 3 applications exist for purchasing Navigo passes:

  • Bonjour RATP
  • Ile de France Mobilités
  • SNCF Connect

None of these apps will work on iPhone for purchasing & storing a Navigo pass on the phone for use directly from the phone.  iPhones are only useful for recharging a physical Navigo card using the phone's NFC chip.
I'll look to publish more detailed information soon.  If you have further questions, please post another question.


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