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will be arriving on a Sunday at CDG from US. staying at Marriott near Disneyland . Do you recomend this pass , we are staying for 7 days leaving Sunday and 5 of us all together. If i buy when we arrive, is tha pass good the next week?

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Staff June 15, 2023

If you're planning on traveling between Disneyland and central Paris (about 40 min. train ride apart), round trip, at least twice during your stay, then yes, I would recommend buying a Navigo week pass for each of your party.
The unfortunate part is the arrival day: Sunday.  Navigo week passes are strictly Monday-Sunday meaning, when you arrive on Sunday and purchase a Navigo week pass, it won't be active till midnight (i.e. Monday morning).  The Navigo will be valid through to Sunday after that though, so your Navigo week pass will be useful/valid for returning from Disneyland to CDG airport on day 7 (the following Sunday).
To cover you for your first day (Sunday) between CDG / Paris / Disneyland, there's a few options that come to mind:

  1. a single-use RER ticket good for RER B to RER A trains from CDG to Disneyland via Paris costing 16.45€
  2. a Navigo Day Pass 1-5 zone added to your Navigo card (in addition to the Navigo week pass).  The cost of the Navigo Day pass 1-5 zone is 20.10€.
  3. high speed train from CDG Terminal 2 to Disneyland's Marne la Vallee TGV station

If you plan on no other travel besides going from CDG Airport to Disneyland, either option 1 or 3 are good.  I personally prefer option 3, high speed TGV train option, if you can find tickets at the low end of the price range (19€).  You'll save a lot of time with a high speed train from CDG to Disney, taking less than 15 minutes (usually around 10-12 minutes) and costing only a few euros more.  The regular commuter RER B + RER A trains will take about 1 hour 30 minutes to complete the same journey from CDG to Marne la Vallee/Disneyland and requires a transfer (albeit an easy one) at Chatelet les Halles.
The ticket office for Navigo passes & other local train tickets at CDG Terminal 2 train station is directly opposite the TGV train ticket office.  So you could collect your online-purchased TGV tickets for Disney and also get your Navigo passes right before/after.  And the TGV train platform is a 30 second walk from either ticket office inside CDG Terminal 2 train station.
If you decide to go for option 1, have the ticket agent inside the local train tickets office (sign will read "Billets Ile-de-France") create this RER ticket for you.  The regular "to Paris" RER ticket from CDG will not cover you from CDG to Paris to Disney: it only covers CDG to Paris.  Besides the TGV train, there are no direct trains going from CDG to Disney, so you'll need to take the RER B from CDG to Chatelet les Halles (very central Paris), then the RER A train from Chatelet les Halles to Marne la Vallée (eastern suburb outside Paris, which is the last stop, at Disneyland Paris).


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