Can I get a train direct from Paris to Disney and do I book in advance ? How much would it be for 2 adults 4 kids?

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  1. Can I get a train direct from Paris to Disney?
  2. is Disney far from that station?
  3. can I book in advance or best on the day?
  4. how much for 2 adults 4 kids? 

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Staff August 28, 2018
  1. From any RER A station in Paris, it is a direct train from Paris to Disneyland (same line, no transfers)
  2. Marne la Vallée station is located at Disneyland Paris.
  3. You cannot book RER trains in advance.  These trains do not have reserved seating nor advance booking.
  4. 7.60€ per adult, 3.80€ per child for each RER ticket

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