can i recharge the Navigo Découverte at CDG airport on thursday?

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I have a Navigo Découverte card from a previous visit inParis.
This time we will arrive in Paris on Thursday and leave on Tuesday. We'll get to the Charles de Gaulle airport, . Is it possible to charge the card at the airport even though Thursday? So only until Sunday? Will I have to pay a full price for a week? After that you have to recharge the card for Monday and Tuesday? And pay again for a full week even though we will actually be there only on Mondays and Tuesdays?

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Staff January 26, 2018

It is possible to charge a Navigo card at any time on Thursday's.
Navigo recharge is available at CDG Airport.
Navigo will still expire on Sunday end of day, even when charged on the previous Thursday.  You will be charged full week price, regardless of which day of the week you purchase, even on Thursday.
Yes you would have to recharge the Navigo card again on Monday to use it for Monday-Tuesday, at full week price.  The 5-zone Navigo week price at ~ €23 is still cheaper than Paris Visite 2-day 5-zone which is €38.


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