Can I still buy Navigo monthly cards?

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I have a card I purchased last summer and was planning on purchasing a Navigo monthly pass for July and August which would apply to the card. Will this still be available to purchase? I'm reading multiple conflicting pieces of information.

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Staff April 11, 2024

Navigo cards can be used for up to 10 years after purchase for reloading a Navigo Day Pass / Navigo Week Pass.
There's a special exception coming up this July 20 - Sept 8 due to the Paris 2024 Olympics though, where no one will be able to load their Navigo cards with either Day Passes nor Week passes.  These two fares will simply not be sold to anyone during this period, regardless of whether you are a resident or a visitor.  Everyone will be forced to use the Paris 2024 pass instead. (Most residents who use transit for their commutes use yearly subscriptions, which are unaffected.)  You can read about this from the regional transit authority Ile-de-France Mobilités here (in French):
If you're arriving anywhere from June 20 to July 19, you would still be able to buy the Navigo Monthly fare for the month of July.  But August would be impossible since the first day to purchase the August monthly Navigo pass would be July 20 and that is the start of the Olympics 2024 exception where no weekly / monthly passes will be on sale.  You can read about the "normal" terms of sale for regular Navigo passes here (in French):


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