Can my children travel on my Navigo Decouverte?

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I have a Carte Navigo Decouverte from a previous trip to Paris, I am planning to recharge it on this trip, but this time I will have my children with me (age 6 & 7). Do they need their own cards, or can I put multiple passes on the same card? Does a Navigo Decouverte even make sense (or is allowed) for kids, or should I look at something else.
Thanks so much! This site is so helpful. And I am so glad to see that my Navigo will take me all the way to CDG this time, last time I got stuck at the station and without your info here I would have been buying separate tickets!

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Staff August 23, 2016

You'll need a Navigo card for each of your children if you decide to use Navigo passes.  Sadly there's no discount for Navigo passes for children.
Cost wise, for children, Navigo week pass vs a 3-day 1-5 Zone Paris Visite are basically equivalent.  (For adults Navigo is always cheaper.)
If you stay more than 3 days, Navigo Decouverte is the best option for your kids, even though there are no discounts.
Keep in mind: if you arrive on Friday, Navigo won't be useful until Monday.  In that case you'll have to go with Paris Visite for yourself and your kids or try your hand at Ticket Jeunes weekend for your kids.


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