Can the navigo decouverte weekly passes be bought in Annecy or Lyon?

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 We would be in Paris from 19 sep - 23 sep 2016 and would like to by the Navigo weekly pass.  Fortunately we arrive on the sunday nigjt to be able to best use the Navigo compared to a Visite Pass.  
But the downside is that this weekly pass has to he bought the previous week , on or before the 15th September. 
We would be in Annecy / Lyon that time. Is it possible to buy the Paris Navigo pass  in Annecy or Lyon?
Also can my travel agent  in Lyon buy it on my behalf or i will need to buy it directly because  of need to paste the photo and sign it.
Can the Navigo pass  be used by children ages 8 and 10 and is there a child navigo pass?  Appreciate  your response 

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Staff April 1, 2016

Navigo Pass can only be purchased at ticket windows and RATP Agencies in Paris and Ile-de-France region (Paris metropolitan area)
I think there might be some confusion on when a Navigo week pass can be purchased.  A weekly Navigo pass can be purchased as early as the Friday before start of the following week (i.e. Monday beginning of service) and as late as Thursday during the week of validity (i.e. the Navigo weekly pass will valid for four days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, then Sunday end of service it expires).
As far as I know, Navigo Découverte (non-resident version of Navigo) card blanks are not sold anywhere but in Ile-de-France region surrounding Paris so I believe your agent in Lyon cannot buy Navigo for you.
There are no child versions of Navigo available to non-resident school children unfortunately.
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