Can we share NAVIGO EASY 10/20 tickets with our group?

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We will travel 3 person and want to buy NAVIGO EASY, can we share together?Can you advice how can I buy 10 or 20 tickets in NAVIGO EASY? Do we need to load app in mobile phone? Can do by 1 person? 

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Staff January 9, 2022

Navigo Easy cards loaded with tickets cannot be shared between people.  Each person needs their own Navigo Easy card.
The card will not debit another ticket from the preloaded tickets within a short time frame and cannot be used for "pass back" through a fare gate.
Plus each traveler will need their own proof of fare when controlled / exiting turnstiles/gates.
In order to share a carnet of tickets, you'd have to purchase a carnet/booklet of physical paper Paris Metro tickets.
Navigo Easy can be purchased from any Paris Metro or RER or Transilien ticket window where the sales agent can also load on your desired number of tickets or carnets.
You don't need to use the RATP mobile app to use Navigo Easy and it's compatibility with phones is still not very consistent.
A single person can purchase several Navigo Easy cards from a ticket sales agent at Paris Metro/RER/Transilient ticket windows.


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