Can you buy tikets for RER B as a bulk?

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Anonymous asked May 6, 2019

we will be traveling as a groupe of 14 people, is ther a reduction in the tiket price if you buy them as bulk of 10 for the transit from the airport CDG to the city? Like the option with the singel fare tikets insted of one for 1,90 buy 10 for an price of 1,40 each?
Thanks in advance

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Staff May 6, 2019

Hi there,
RER train tickets are also sold in books of ten at a discount (roughly 20% discount) so you could purchase 3 booklets for 30 total tickets which would be good for a round trip for everyone, with 2 leftover tickets.  The ticket seller at the CDG airport train station ticket office will create the booklet for you (I'm assuming from CDG to central Paris, any RER or Metro station inside central Paris, price will be the same).


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