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Anonymous asked May 18, 2023

Brilliant website. Thank you so much for helping me to plan. Do you have any advice or experience of alternative ways of accessing CDG airport with rerB being shut for the weekend of my trip? After doing a bit of research I am tempted to attempt routing via the 32 bus from CDG to Goussainville station, and then using rerD to head into Paris? I wonder if this is actually a cheap alternative way of accessing CDG in any event as I think it is probably just 2.10e + 5.00e for the bus and rer legs? Is that right? Would value your thoughts. Thanks again.

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Staff May 20, 2023

Hi there,
Bus 350 from CDG into Paris (north end) and Bus 351 (CDG to Paris east side) are two options to consider. Both cost only a single Metro/ticket t+ (2.50€ as of 2023) and will take you right into Paris without needing transfers.  These buses will make many stops throughout their journey as they are just regular city buses serving local stops.
Let me know if you have questions on those two buses.


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