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Hello, does the RER B not travel to Gare du Nord on the weekends? I'm trying to get to Canal St. Martin and all the trip planners are saying to do RER B from CDG --> RER D at Stade de France - Saint Denis --> Metro to my destination. It appears RER B goes from CDG to Gare du Nord directly during the week, but I'm hoping to cut out the "middle man" (RER D). The suggested itinerary has me going from Zone 5 to Zone 2 to Zone 1, but the map provided on this site ( indicates there ARE direct trains from CDG to Gare du Nord on the weekends...??
My follow up question then is trying to figure out the cost of the ride if I have to take the route that includes RER D. Does the RER machine at the airport ask which zones I'm traveling through or do I specify my stops?
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Staff November 14, 2022

RER B trains from CDG to Paris Gare du Nord do run/operate on the weekend normally, but there are several planned shutdowns for rail maintenance works in November and December 2022.  This PDF (French only unfortunately) has more information on the planned RER B shutdowns between Gare du Nord and CDG:
If you purchase an RER ticket between CDG and Paris, it will cover both the RER B and the RER D and the Metro, all in one ticket.  There's nothing special you need to specify when buying the CDG to Paris RER ticket.  Just the regular "To Paris" ticket from CDG is fine. It will automatically cover the RER B, RER D & Metro.  You do have to make that trip all in one uninterrupted voyage though, staying inside fare-zones all the while.
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