Children’s Pricing for Paris2024

By | March 18, 2024 | in

Will the Paris2024 pass have discounted rates for children under 11? I am taking my four children, all of which are under 11, for the Olympics. I know children usually receive a discounted rate, but haven’t seen anything listed about this for the Olympics so far. Thank you!

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Staff March 18, 2024

No there won't be children prices for the Paris 2024 pass, unfortunately. Official documentation so far has no mention of any discounts for children nor seniors.  This is similar to Navigo week pass and Navigo day pass where discounts don't exist.  There are children discounts for some paper tickets such as for RER train tickets (not going to the airport) and booklets of Metro tickets.  I don't understand how or why the regional transport authorities have discounts for some fares, but not others.  It's a (bureaucratic) mystery.


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