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Hello Ben, thank you for all your help with all of our questions! For the Paris 2024 pass, do you think there will be a child rate released at some point, or will they be the full adult price? I have 4 children, so obviously this makes a big difference! I'd love to get the passes in hand ASAP, but if they end up having another level available later, then I don't want to waste the money. There is no mention of a child rate anywhere I can find, whether they will have it or not. Just looking for clarification if you have it. Thank you!

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Staff April 17, 2024

There's no news or plans for a child price for the Paris 2024 pass, unfortunately.  Similar to how the Navigo Week/Day Passes have no child prices, I'm guessing this will be the same for the Paris 2024 pass.
There is an alternate option which may work: The Paris Visite ticket.  There is a child price for the Paris Visite for children between 4 - 11 (inclusive) and it's a bit cheaper than the Paris 2024 pass for the same coverage (although max duration per ticket is 5-days, so you may need to buy multiple).  Please see the Paris Visite pass page for price details/options & more information.
The Paris Visite isn't available for mail order delivery from the Paris train authority though.  It must be purchased upon arrival in Paris at any Metro/RER/Transilien ticket vending machine, ticket window, ticket office.  There are 3rd party resellers that offer either in-city pickup or costly courier delivery, but I can't recommend either of these options since it's very straight forward to buy these tickets upon arrival and the cost of pre-purchase/delivery from the 3rd parties is significant.
Hope the trip planning is going well.


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