Cost of a weekly pass-navigo-decouverte for zone 1-2 and where at CDG can i buy it ?

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Anonymous asked May 11, 2016

Want to know what is the cost of a weekly pass-navigo-decouverte for zone 1-2 as compared to zone 1-5 
I will be only need it for zone 1-2 and then to travel from airport to city and back.
Want to buy it from the airport so that i can then use it for the RER or Rossiybus .
Will be landing on a tuesday @11.30 am and leaving n saturday evening.
Thanks MHB

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Staff May 13, 2016

Navigo no longer has zones 1-2.  The current Navigo price of €21.25 per week is the 1-2 zone price, but they expanded it to cover all five Paris transit zones for €21.25.  Keep in mind the 5 euro cost of the Navigo card itself.


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