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Bonjour Ben!
For the above trip, arriving at CDG by 6:25 am, the Bonjour RATP app is showing RER D followed by B departing at 5:26 am, with a cost of 13.55 euro!
This is problematic as I stood in line three days ago for my decouverte pass and purchased this Monday ticket and was sold one for $11.45 euro. 

Can you shed any light on the price difference and do I stand in line again to address this?
Your simplified Versailles instructions worked like a charm and the 20 minute walk was lovely. I have as third in line to enter the chateau. 
Thanks a million,

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Staff August 18, 2023

Hi Susan,
Glad the Versailles trip worked out well :). That's my preferred route as well.
Re: your Monday ticket, I think the Bonjour RATP app is basically incorrect and providing a price of a regular Ticket t+ (2.10€) + RER B ticket (11.45€) totalling 13.55€ for Monday early morning.  But this would only be needed if you took a bus between Gare de Lyon, then the RER B, since transfers from bus to RER/Metro are not included & you need tickets for both.  I don't understand why its quoting that price.  If you check on the app for prices at other times like Sunday 10:30am it quotes 11.45€ for RER D + RER B.  I can't explain the other price.
I checked on, which is the group which manages RER B outside of central Paris and their price is quoted as 11.45€ for Gare de Lyon to CDG T2 for Monday (Aug 21) early morning.  Here's the screenshot I took for you, highlighting the quoted price:
There's no service interruptions scheduled at that time (Monday early morning), so I believe this itinerary should be fine.  There are schedule changes for RER D later that evening due to school holidays (vacances scolaire), but that doesn't affect morning trains.
I think your current RER Ticket for 11.45€ should be fine for Monday morning using the RER D + RER B for Gare de Lyon - CDG T1/T2.
Enjoy your time in Paris!


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