Could my friend buy Navigo card for me?

By | October 21, 2016 | in

Hello, I am going to Paris on Friday (for whole weekend). Navigo cards are selling till Thursday. Could my friend buy Navigo card on Monday for me? If he will have a photo of me?
Thank you very  much.

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Staff October 21, 2016

Yes your friend should be able to purchase two Navigo Découvertes.  There's no reason why he should be prevented from doing so.
If he was denied doing so he could simply walk to another ticket window and purchase another Navigo Découverte and the original ticket seller would have no idea.  The cards are not tracked to an individual by RATP.  They are in a manner of speaking "anonymous" in that no information about who is using them is tracked by RATP. The only user/owner information is pasted onto a paper card the user must present if requested by a controller.


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